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Welcome! Thanks for checking out On this page you'll find a number of documents, links, and resources meant to help you take action in defense of a democratic Canadian media system, and get you connected with the people and organizations already engaged in the fight.

Getting Involved: Download the Documents!

Get Involved: Steps for Action

Get Involved: Resources and Organizations

Get Involved: Who to Contact

Important Links: Homepage
Stay up to date on all of our news and campaigns by bookmarking our homepage and checking back often for ways that you can get involved in your media community and various activist and lobby campaigns. is your resource for all things Net neutrality. On SaveOurNet, you'll find links to all kinds of media, information, and contact forms that can get you directly involved in the campaign for Net neutrality, including a direct link to email Tony Clement, Canada's Minister of Industry- the guy we need to talk to and convince our Net should be neutral. Toolkit
If you want to become an ambassador of the neutral Net in your own community, the toolkit will provide you with free slideshows, information packages, mailing lists, and other media resources- all the things you need to launch your own campaign for democracy online!

Simon Fraser University: School of Communication
Check out the homepage of the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University for updates on our programs, priorities, and information on how you can further your education in media issues. For quick updates from the School of Communication, check out our Twitter stream here

Youth Media Education and Production Environment:
This map is an interactive space that will guide you through all the formal educational institutions (schools) and community-based media production and education facilities throughout the lower mainland (as outlined in the Get Involved: Who to Contact download), as well as provide you with access to in-depth information on each one!

View Youth Media Production Community Groups and Schools in a larger map