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Big phone and cable companies are putting a pay meter on your Internet and increasing prices across the board. These big telecom companies are now charging upwards of $10 a gigabyte of data when it costs them as little as a penny to provide it. This is gouging, pure and simple.

The stranglehold big phone and cable companies have on communications is stifling Canada’s economy, global competitiveness, free expression and our personal budgets. We are falling behind.

Let's ensure Canada has a connected future by voting for the Internet.

Step 1Read the results from our to find out which party is most pro-Internet.

Step 2Use our special online tool to find out who the pro-Internet candidates are in your riding.


And don't forget to vote and vote social!

We need to send a clear message to Ottawa that we want our government to be pro-Internet. Vote and bring a friend. Start HERE.

What else can you do?

We have over 190 candidates committed to fighting for a more affordable Internet. We need as many as possible. Fill in your information below and we'll send pro-Internet letters to candidates in your riding on your behalf.

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Thank you for emailing your MP and making the open, affordable Internet an election issue. We'll be forwarding your email to the other candidates shortly.

Step 2:

Step 3:

Sign the Stop The Meter petition to join Canadians across the country in asking party leaders for a more affordable Internet.

Step 4:

Change your Facebook or Twitter profile picture.
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Step 5:

Join the  Digital Action Teamand help us grow this grassroots movement. By becoming a volunteer, you're helping to turn the tide toward a digital future that includes greater diversity and choice. Click HERE  to sign up.

Thank You :)

Sign Stop The Meter:


*If you get an error message below you can sign HERE

..AND sign with social media:

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