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Check out what experts had to say at our Privacy Town Hall earlier today

Earlier today we held a Privacy Town Hall to launch Canada's Privacy Plan - our crowdsourced pro-privacy action plan that was shaped by over 125,000 everyday Canadians.

Check out what people had to say:

We had great expert guests to cover all the bases - thanks to each and every one of them for taking part: 
Cindy Blackstock, Gitxsan activist for child welfare
  • Brett Gaylor Canadian documentary filmmaker and creator of Do Not Track
  • David Christopher, lead author of OpenMedia's "Canada’s Privacy Plan"

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Join OpenMedia on May 20th for a Social Media Town Hall on Privacy

Are you worried about the possible implications of Bill C-51? Do you want to ask key Canadian privacy experts about how to address the country's privacy deficit? Well, we’ve got great news for you - we’re organizing a Privacy Town Hall on Wednesday May 20th from 2-3pm ET (11am-Noon PT). Read more »

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NOT SO TOP SECRET: Government surveillance has gone too far

CSE's snooping on Canadians is not a secret anymore. 

Article by Justin Ling 

Highly classified documents obtained by VICE News offer new insights into how Canada's two-headed spy apparatus works to blend its intelligence, skirt court oversight of its spying powers, and intercept communications inside the country's borders. Read more »

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Did Conservative Senator Yonah Martin just delete her Twitter account to stop Canadians asking her about Bill C-51?

On May 6th we witnessed how the government used its majority to ram Bill C-51 through the House of Commons after only two days of debate. The legislation - now opposed by a whopping 56% of Canadians with just 33% in favour - will now be considered by the Senate. This is why at OpenMedia we updated our action platform so that our petition, signed by more than 230,000 Canadians, now targets the Senate. The platform shows each Senator’s voting intentions and also serves as a quick tool to send Senators an email or a tweet.

Our team made sure we had our facts right, so we checked the Senator’s emails and added the Twitter tool for those who had Twitter profiles. Conservative Senator Yonah Martin was one of the few Senators with an active Twitter account. As seen below, her Twitter handle @YonahMartin was a real thing until not so long ago…

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Breaking: CSE and Five Eyes revealed to be targeting popular mobile browsers and mobile App Stores - leaving millions at risk of having their private data hacked

News comes one day after OpenMedia releases crowdsourced report recommending new rules to ban Mass Surveillance and create greater oversight for agencies like CSE 

May 21, 2015Canadian spy agency CSE and its Five Eyes partners planned to compromise popular mobile App Stores to implant spyware on smartphones, and targeted a popular mobile web browser used by millions globally. Accordingly to reports published this morning by CBC News and The Intercept, CSE deliberately sought security vulnerabilities, but failed to inform companies or the public – leaving the private data of millions at risk.

The reports come just a day after OpenMedia released a pro-privacy action plan, crowdsourced from over 125,000 Canadians, that sets out strict new rules that would ban these kind of mass surveillance activities, place spy agencies like CSE under much tighter oversight, and ensure Canadian spy agencies comply with international human rights principles when it comes to privacy.

Responding to this morning’s news, OpenMedia’s communications manager David Christopher had this to say:

“Let’s be clear about one thing: CSE claims they will safeguard Canada’s security, but instead they deliberately left millions of innocent people at risk of having their private data hacked. These reckless activities weaken the Internet security Canadians rely on to conduct business and communicate online. CSE claims they don’t target Canadians, but there is no way they could have excluded Canadians from spying activities. Remember, they targeted people all around the world, including anybody who interacted with compromised devices.”

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CBC: Great to See Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien welcoming our community's Privacy Plan

Check out this great media coverage of our Privacy Plan, a crowdsourced plan to fix Canada's privacy deficit. Over 125,000 took part in this process and we're happy to know your views on privacy have been endorsed by Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien. You can read the complete plan here:

Article by Kady O'Malley for CBC News

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