Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Digital Journal: TPP analysis reveals many disadvantages for Canadian business

The ‪#‎TPP‬ poses a grave threat to our basic rights to access information and express ourselves on the web. And it will cost us billions of dollars. Tell Trudeau to reject the TPP and its dangerous Internet censorship plan before it becomes law:

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Geist: Signing vs. Ratifying: Unpacking the Canadian Government Position on the TPP

When it comes to Canada's position on the TPP, we hear too often people confusing the the implications of reaching an agreement-in-principle, signing the text, and ratifying the deal. Digital policy expert Michael Geist explains the difference:

Article by Michael Geist

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OpenMedia and the TPP: taking the fight to D.C.

Last week, OpenMedia joined a huge coalition of groups protesting the TPP in Washington, DC.

The call to action, issued by FlushTheTPP brought together organizations and individuals from across the US and international allies who are continuing to protest how the secretive TPP steals domestic decision-making power out of the hands of the people and places it in the hands of unaccountable lobbyists and unelected bureaucrats.

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Press Progress: Will Canada actually have a "full and open" debate on the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Now that the TPP deal is out, it's time for an open debate. 

Article by PressProgress

What the heck is going on with the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Do you know?

If you thought Canada was set to have a "full and open" debate on the merits of the TPP, along with a "fulsome and responsible discussion" in the House of Commons, think about this: Read more »

U.S. President Obama confirms Canada will sign the TPP…?

This morning U.S. President Barack Obama declared that Canada and the U.S. will both “soon be signatories” to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The statement was made on the sidelines of the APEC conference in the Philippines, and comes as a surprise to Canadians who were under the impression that Canada was going to make its own decision about whether or not to be party to the agreement that would stifle innovation and restrict our online freedoms.

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Biv: From IP to privacy - why TPP is ‘potentially dangerous’ for B.C. tech sector

The government was out of touch with the tech and innovation-driven sectors during the TPP negotiations. But these are the sectors that will be most affected by it. We hope Justin Trudeau​ listens to them now. Tell him to reject the TPP before it becomes law:

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