Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Over 250,000 people shape action plan to save the Internet

Digital rights group OpenMedia releases comprehensive election platform packed with ideas crowdsourced from Canadians

August 27, 2015 – It's as if the entire city of London Ontario banded together to save the Internet. Shaped by more than 250,000 people and launching today, Canada's Digital Future is a crowd-sourced election platform packed with ideas from everyday citizens. It’s an initiative of digital rights group Openmedia, which is urging people to consider Canada's digital future when casting their vote this election.

While OpenMedia won’t be endorsing any political party, it does plan to meet the main parties and report back as to which are most committed to implementing its platform. Thousands of people have already pledged to vote for the future of the Internet in the upcoming election.

“Whether it’s telecom price-gouging, reckless spying legislation, or abusive copyright notices, failed digital policies are hurting Canadians,” said OpenMedia’s communications manager David Christopher. “Young people in particular are speaking up for a better way forward, because Canada can’t afford to keep falling behind our international counterparts. That’s why this election will be the most important Canadian Internet users have ever faced.”

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EFF: TPP's Copyright Term Extension Isn't Made for Artists—It's Made By and For Big Content Companies

The TPP will transform Canada's intellectual property rules into an alarmingly large barrier to free speech and free expression. Speak out now at

Article by Maira Sutton for EFF

The following comment was written by Canadian filmmaker, Andrew Hunter, sent to party leaders asking them to come out against the 20-year copyright term extension in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and stand for fair and balanced innovation policy. He emailed this comment as part of EFF's TPP's Copyright Trap campaign.

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CBC: Leaked Trans-Pacific Partnership draft would force Canada to rework copyright, critics say

If Canada adopts the TPP, it will criminalize your Internet use and force your Internet provider and search engines to censor online content, things the government had consistently rejected throughout the copyright reform process. Speak out now at

Article by Zack Dubinsky for CBC

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Tyee: TPP Leaks Reveal Blows to Creative Freedom: Filmmaker

TPP will hurt our creative fredom in ways you can't image. Here's a filmmaker's acount of what it would mean for artists and creators around the globe. Let's stop this censoring deal at

Article by Brett Gaylor for the Tyee

Most people's experience with copyright begins and ends with the FBI warnings that play before movies on a DVD. 

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New TPP leak shows Canada would be required to massively overhaul copyright, damaging free expression and censoring Internet

Trans-Pacific Partnership text reveals that U.S. pressure could result in new rules for Canadians that allow for website blocking, and new criminal penalties for copyright infringement

August 5, 2015 – Recently leaked documents from the Intellectual Property chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) reveal that the secretive trade agreement would require Canada to make drastic changes to its copyright law, causing significant damage to free expression and restricting access to knowledge. The TPP is already shaping up as a major issue in the recently launched federal election.

Under the TPP, Canada’s copyright system, which underwent a review as recently as 2012, would be amended with no public consultation. Today’s leaks reveal how the TPP would lengthen copyright terms, propose new criminal penalties for circumventing ‘digital locks’, and introduce site-blocking rules at the behest of U.S. media giants.

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Geist: Canadian Government Amends “Caretaker Rules” To Give Itself Power to Continue Negotiating TPP

The next few weeks could play a determining role in the fate of the TPP. And Canada is changing longstanding rules regarding making major decisions during elections that tie the hands of future governments and give the government power to continue negotiating the TPP.  Speak out now at

Article by Michael Geist

This past weekend was a busy one politically as Canada was launched into a lengthy election campaign just as countries negotiating the latest round of Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations in Hawaii failed to conclude a deal. With reports that there may be a follow-up ministerial meeting within weeks, Canadian officials have been quick to claim that the election campaign will not interfere with the TPP trade talks.

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