NY Times: The verdict is in on Obama's efforts to sell the top secret TPP

“A snow job” - that’s the verdict of this Nobel Prize-winning economist on Obama’s efforts to sell his top-secret TPP.

Article by Paul Krugman for The New York Times

One of the Obama administration’s underrated virtues is its intellectual honesty. Yes, Republicans see deception and sinister ulterior motives everywhere, but they’re just projecting. The truth is that, in the policy areas I follow, this White House has been remarkably clear and straightforward about what it’s doing and why.

Every area, that is, except one: international trade and investment.

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Geist: A letter that confirms the copyright extension was nothing but a deal between Harper and music industry lobbyists

Just as we thought, the copyright extension was nothing but a lobbied deal between Music Canada and Prime Minister Harper. 

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Do you believe in life after links?

With the news that we could be in for new rules that would allow the proliferation of link censorship online, many community members are wondering: how will this affect me?

And more specifically, what does life after links look like? Read more »

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An international network of organizations launches campaign to safeguard the Right To Link

Legislators in European Parliament and Commission are considering updates to copyright proposals that would censor links for Internet users

May 6, 2015 A large network of over 50 organizations from 21 countries is coming together to “Save The Link”. Today, the network is launching a multilingual international campaign aimed at pushing back against efforts by powerful media conglomerates to censor links and stifle free expression on the Internet. One of the proposals being advanced could make users personally liable for the content of websites they link to online.

The campaign launches as legislators in the EU are considering a major copyright review, including amendments to the European Union’s Copyright Directive that experts say would fundamentally undermine the right to link. In addition, a recent leak from the European Commission reveals measures that could force online companies to monitor the activities of Internet users in order to block content in other countries.

In tandem with the launch of the campaign, organizers have set up a Thunderclap social media amplification tool demanding that legislators protect the right to link. The message will reach over 1.4 million people.

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EFF: Dive in! The Special 404 Report: worldwide censorship you won’t find in USTR’s Special 301

These are the missing stories from the 301 Blacklist, a U.S. report that bullies other countries to push them into adopting more extreme intellectual property laws. Check it out!

Article by EFF

Every year, the United States publishes a report on countries that, in the opinion of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), fail to give “adequate and effective” protection to U.S. holders of intellectual property rights. This Special 301 Report names and shames nations that do not meet a vague and impossibly high standard of IP enforcement, and implies that the U.S. and its trade partners should punish them for failing to enact more draconian copyright, patent, and trademark restrictions. 

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National: More changes to intellectual property? Smells like TPP

The government appears to be making the final changes on intellectual property so it can get green light join the TPP block. 

Article by Justin Ling for National

One small change for Canadian copyright law, one giant leap for ratifying the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

As negotiations on the multilateral TPP deal have inched forward in fits and starts, Ottawa appears to be making the final tweaks on its end required before it can join the trading block. In a surprise announcement, the Canadian Government revealed in its April budget that copyright protections for live records would be significantly extended.

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