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Stop the Takeover

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Update: The CRTC has made their decision on the takeover (info here)! If you haven't already, please sign the petition. If you've already signed, click here to take action.

The CRTC has approved Telecom giant Bell's bid to take control of Astral Media, one of Canada’s largest media companies.1

Owning more of our media system gives Bell a stranglehold over the content we consume and delivery of our daily communications.2

Imagine every time you turn on your TV, computer or mobile device you are forced into a preselected menu of Bell content, rather than having the open and unencumbered choice you should expect. That's where this merger may be taking us.

The Bell power grab will mean fewer media and telecom choices, higher prices, and less opportunity for free expression. This takeover will bring job cuts and it will act as a dead weight on our economy; it’s bad for our country.3

Canada already have the most concentrated media markets out of all the G8 countries.4 Let’s not put up with this.

Decision-makers at the CRTC have approved the Bell/Astral merger5 and they need to know where Canadians stand. Tell decision-makers that you oppose this expansion of Bell's power.→

What to do next?

1. Email your MP.

2. Share the CRTC's decision with your friends

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3. Become part of our digital action team!

4. Pitch in to help us fight for democratic system in Canada.


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** is working with a diverse coalition of groups to raise public awareness and take a stand against the proposed Bell takeover. Learn more about the coalition here.

Fill in this form to send your comments to decision-makers. Click here if the form fails to load.



[1] & [5] See our release here
[2] See Dwayne Winseck: Bell to gobble up Astral Media
[3] See Globe And Mail: BCE-Astral deal likely to spur job cuts
[4] See Huffington Post: Concentration Of Media Ownership In Canada Worst In G8 For TV Industry, Study Says

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