Stop Online Spying: Petition Drive Challenge

How far can you go to help stop invasive, costly, and warrantless online spying legislation, Bill C-30? Follow these five easy steps to get as many Canadians as possible to add their names to the growing petition against this unprecedented invasion of our personal privacy.

Step 1: Watch this short video

Step 2: Print the petition

Download the ready-to-print petition

Step 3: Here's the challenge; find as many people possible to sign the petition

Places to find people:

At home, work, school, a library, your favourite coffee shop, bus stops, near your MP's office, etc.

How to approach people:

When approaching people, start with something friendly and simple, like the following:

"Hi, I'm [YOUR NAME]. I'm helping with an campaign that seeks to stop the federal government from passing legislation that will allow a range of "authorities" to access our online personal information, at any time, without a warrant.

"Would you be willing to add your name to this petition?"

For more tips on how to approach and talk to people about the online spying bill and this petition, check out the video to the right →

More tips:

  • If they aren't swayed add: "Your signature will have an impact because each time someone signs the petition our MP gets an email to let them know. They need our vote and will be very aware that local constituents expect them to defend our privacy against this costly plan. Will you join over 135,000 Canadians across the country and sign the petition?"
  • If the person asks you more about the details of the bill answer as open and straight forward as you can. For more information and details about online spying legislation check out the FAQs.
  • Try to collect a clearly printed name, address, and email address.

Step 4: Come back to this page and enter your petition signatures

First tell us who and where you are

Your Information

Then add the signatures from your petition

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If you have more signatures, click "add more" to enter more addresses.

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