Say No to Secret Online Spying

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According to expert Ron Deibert, a secretive government agency is collecting our sensitive private information, allowing them to “pinpoint not only who you are, but with whom you meet, with what frequency and duration, and at which locations.”1

The government agency spying on Canadians is called the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC). The Globe And Mail describes CSEC as, “ultrasecretive Canadian electronic-eavesdropping agency”.2

We deserve to know how private data is being collected and stored, and why.

Please use this moment—when privacy issues are in the spotlight—to get answers. Call on the government to come clean on secret CSEC spying activities immediately →


No Secret Spying is a campaign supported by:




[1] Spy agencies have turned our digital lives inside out. We need to watch them. Source: The Globe And Mail.
[2] Privacy watchdog on spy agency’s data collection: ‘We want to find out more’. Source: The Globe And Mail.
[3] ibid.

Want to also speak out about the U.S.-based NSA spying on people around the world? Click here »

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