Stop Online Spying Mini-Doc: (un)Lawful Access

(un)Lawful Access
(un)Lawful Access is a mini-documentary that features some of Canada’s leading legal and privacy experts, who explain the dangers of the federal government’s impending "Lawful Access" legislation, dubbed "Online Spying" by Canadians.

(un)lawful Access was produced in collaboration with The New Transparency: Surveillance & Social Sorting, and More Media, Downloads & Remix @

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*UPDATE: On February 11, 2013 the government bowed to public pressure and killed online spying bill C-30! But we need to remain vigilant as threats to our privacy continue through Bill C-12 and other government proposals. Canadians won this round but the government has not given us a firm pro-privacy commitment, and we must keep the pressure on stop invasive and costly online spying initiatives. Please send a message below

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