A concerned citizen named Ben Klass has revealed that Big telecom companies are making competing apps and online services more expensive for Canadians on purpose.1

Why? It's a scheme to undermine competing services by unfairly marking them up, making it more costly for us to use independent online services on mobile devises.

Example: Ben Klass caught Bell stifling competing mobile services by overcharging Canadians for them2 - thereby unfairly pushing Canadians to use Bell's mobile TV app. And Rogers has its own scheme going.3

Ben Klass is taking telecom giant Bell to the CRTC to stop them from breaking open Internet rules and price-gouging Canadians.

We each need to take a moment to make sure the CRTC knows that Ben Klass has the support of Canadians everywhere. -->




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Footnotes: [1] Ben Klass complaint to the CRTC (PDF) [2] Crossing the Line - Ben Klass explains why he's taking Bell to the CRTC [2] "If using the Rogers 3G or LTE network, for only $5/month, customers can enjoy 10 hours of viewing on their device" (This means non-Rogers content is unfairly more expensive than Rogers-owned content.) - Source: Google Play


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