A huge thanks to those who joined us on Monday, May 7th for the interactive live-video-stream of our ReimagineCBC.ca public forum! We brought together seasoned professionals, up-and-coming CBC talent, outside experts, media innovators, and citizens in a celebratory event that added new energy to the CBC and helped to articulate a fresh vision for public media. Further details about the event can be found here.

Reimagine CBC is a collaborative brainstorming forum...

As digital technology is breaking old business models, it is also enabling new forms of participation in our culture, economy and governance. Perhaps most importantly, it’s connecting Canadians as never before. Public media organizations have a mandate to serve citizens, and this puts them in a unique position to add value and opportunity in this period of change.

The CBC is in the process of conducting a major strategic review both internally and through outside regulators. The question is, who will shape the CBC of the future? We think Canadians should. To add your idea to the forum,hit the “I have an Idea!” button on the right, or make a post on social media via Facebook or Twitter. And don't forget to vote for your favourite ideas below.

We'll be facilitating the discussion, bringing the best ideas to the CBC and engaging with decision-makers to turn your ideas into reality. Join a community of Canadians working to reimagine the CBC, and make it yours!

**PLEASE NOTE: This project is not officially affiliated with the CBC in any way, but we're optimistic our input will be valued and well received.

Environmental forum

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Ladysmith, BC
Better Canadian content

Hi. I would like to see a forum about the protection from, and work about reducing, global warming. Read more »

Stories on local sustainability

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Elphin, ON
More regional presence

I'd like to hear more stories about how communities are planning and evolving for sustainability. It could be a series that covers a different community or project each week. Let us know what other Canadians are doing to ensure their communities remain viable in the face of challenges to their essential needs: housing and energy, food safety and security, transportation, health, and our natural environment. Read more »

Power & Politics with Evan Solomon

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Power & Politics with Evan Solomon is fantastic - particularly the new interactive features they've added to the show. Keep up the good work! Read more »


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I am a substitute teacher in the ESL(EAL) system. Thousands of newcomers are coming into this country every day who have never heard of CBC and who have no idea what it stands for or why it matters. I would love to see the CBC design some kind of outreach to these communities. Already there is excellent CLB 6 level EAL programming available on the CBC website and that is great. But it can take several years for a newcomer to reach that level. Read more »

More citizen/collaborative journalism

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In an effort to engage more Canadians in CBC news-collecting and reporting, and increase the diversity of voices in its broadcasting, the CBC could encourage more citizen or collaborative journalism — specifically, encourage people to produce short videos on news/stories in their area, and make a simple platform where people can submit these videos online.

A publicly funded broadcaster in a multicultural society needs an excellent research team and guts.

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1) For an intelligent, meaningful and unbiased coverage of local, national and international news, CBC needs an excellent research team and the guts to stand up to political and corporate pressures.

2) To reduce conflicts and misunderstandings in our multicultural society, and to draw the best out of our diversity, CBC needs an excellent research team and the courage to systematically shed insights into the strengths and weaknesses of our various cultural heritages and perspectives. Historical and global context must be part of the analysis. Read more »

Grow the net from the ground up

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More regional presence

You have a structure for gathering information, it already exists
Now imagine this same structure only 1000 times the size
Thousands of reporters / investigators / content providers
Thousands of fact checkers / reviewers / critics
Thousands of editors / writers / producers
Look at the wikipedia model
Apply that to the CBC
How great would that be?
I could find news, entertainment, sports, community service and interesting content about my community, no matter where I am in this great country. All on my iPad.

All the best
I'm a life long fan
Keep up the great work

The Good News Is...

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Better Canadian content

"The Good News Is..." is a show of regional and local content that showcases the best of our courage and conscience in action. A number of TED talks I've watched lately have demonstrated data that challenges us to get off the heavy "if it bleeds, it leads" paradigm. It is detrimental to us across the board. Instead I am proposing that we find and cover the stories that are solving problems. An example might be a story that is global in nature like Transition Town which evolved in response to the vulnerability experienced by a British town when there was a crisis of supply. Read more »

More youth opportunities

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North Vancouver BC

Being a first year communications student, I am already aware that these days in order to succeed in the field of media, experience and contacts are everything. I couldn't think of any Canadian company I would rather work with than the CBC. As an globally recognized name, receiving any kind of experience from them would be life changing. However the only opportunities they offer for university students are competitive internships, limited to graduate students only. Most of us can't wait that long to get experience. Read more »

We Need News!

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Bowen Island BC

1. A weekly news program that covers "under-reported" stories. Rather than wait to compile a list of such stories at year's end, when it will be quickly over-looked during the holidays, a news series covering under-reported stories might generate some momentum to bring important issues and scandals back under the scrutiny of other journalists and the public.

2. Bring back Dispatches. The cancellation of this excellent round-up of world-wide journalism is mad. Read more »

the CBC needs a live debate/discussion forum on TV between leading thinkers and expert speakers in front of an audience which can contribute.

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I think that the Canadian population would benefit from a live forum dedicated to intelligent and thought provoking debate in the company of some of the country's/world's sharpest minds and most exciting orators. It would engage the yearning there is for a higher level of conversation among people who are interested in the things that impact our evolution as a society.