A huge thanks to those who joined us on Monday, May 7th for the interactive live-video-stream of our ReimagineCBC.ca public forum! We brought together seasoned professionals, up-and-coming CBC talent, outside experts, media innovators, and citizens in a celebratory event that added new energy to the CBC and helped to articulate a fresh vision for public media. Further details about the event can be found here.

Reimagine CBC is a collaborative brainstorming forum...

As digital technology is breaking old business models, it is also enabling new forms of participation in our culture, economy and governance. Perhaps most importantly, it’s connecting Canadians as never before. Public media organizations have a mandate to serve citizens, and this puts them in a unique position to add value and opportunity in this period of change.

The CBC is in the process of conducting a major strategic review both internally and through outside regulators. The question is, who will shape the CBC of the future? We think Canadians should. To add your idea to the forum,hit the “I have an Idea!” button on the right, or make a post on social media via Facebook or Twitter. And don't forget to vote for your favourite ideas below.

We'll be facilitating the discussion, bringing the best ideas to the CBC and engaging with decision-makers to turn your ideas into reality. Join a community of Canadians working to reimagine the CBC, and make it yours!

**PLEASE NOTE: This project is not officially affiliated with the CBC in any way, but we're optimistic our input will be valued and well received.

Environmental forum

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Ladysmith, BC
Better Canadian content

Hi. I would like to see a forum about the protection from, and work about reducing, global warming. Read more »

Promote the importance of CBC's non-sensationalism

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My idea isn't a "new idea for how to fix the CBC" per se- but relates to ways of convincing Canadians that even as it stands right now, without "improvement", the CBC has an important role to play in our society and deserves public funding. (on that note, I think there should be a "category" for this!!).

We need to build Canadians' awareness (young and old) about the importance of having media outlets that are not profit-driven, and therefore not driven to report purely on the most sensationalist, attention-grabbing stories.

You Should Be In Bed: with Steve Dolson

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Better Canadian content

When was the last time we had a late night show that competed with the United States?

I have a TV show idea that is the Late Night format of guests, monologues and bands but with a theme. When you are watching late night shows, because it's late, you should be in bed.

So....You Should Be In Bed: With Steve Dolson Read more »

Keep it real!

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CBC TV really excels one field: non-fictional programming, meaning documentaries, news, and other programs, especially with a focus on investigative journalism.

Not only is the CBC already great at producing high caliber, non-fictional programming, but these are also the types of programs that can truly contribute to forging and maintaining the Canadian identity in a meaningful way. Read more »

"Chasing Rainbows" revival

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I have just now written an email to H.T. Lacroix, CBC CEO, and T. Casgrain, Chair of the CBC Board of Directors with this suggestion:

Since fewer TV specials will be produced, and according to the Globe and Mail, more reliance will be placed on one-hour series, how about rebroadcasting the 1998 epic 14-episode "Chasing Rainbows" starring Paul Gross and Julie Stewart, which is historic in that it was the very first High Definition TV production, and a major debut for the now, wildly famous, Paul Gross. It is also uniquely and charmingly Canadian in content. Read more »

Keep the analog signal and AM radio

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We rely on CBC for our news/weather and entertainment both on analog TV and AM radio. Not all Canadians get FM and cable!!! I have the AM radio on all day and that is how I stay tuned into the world and locally. It is extremely important to me. Even when we travel south and have cable TV to view I always end up channel surfing back to CBC where there is relevant Canadian content. We need more Canadian produced shows on CBC, much better than the 'American fluff'. Read more »

CBC Radio From the Wild

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This is an idea for CBC Radio (I think *radio* is essential to a reimagined CBC) but it would suit podcasts too. Read more »

Anishinaabe Say

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Focus Statement: A show about the Anishinaabe language, similar to the CBC show C’est La Vie, which is about the French language. Anishinaabe Say will provide a place for people to hear the Ojibway language in a country dominated by two “official” National Languages, which ignores the Indigenous languages that have been spoken here for thousands of years.

Format: Anishinaabe Language lessons, discussions on the Anishinaabe language, Songs and music in Anishinaabe, stories told in Anishinaabe and English.

Why People Will Listen: Read more »

Create a terrestrial television platform based around CBC services

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We now live in a vertically integrated corporate dystopia and pretty much have to accept that reality. While there's very little we can do to reverse that, it doesn’t mean that the current situation of broadcast media in this country is unworkable. All we have to do is change the playing field: establishing a cohesive terrestrial broadcast system in urban areas based around public television. Read more »

Return to Form

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Fox Lake

This may seem frivolous, but it merits and audience at the least. I feel CBC radio is in fine state, particularly the expansive and inspiring Radio3, which galvanizes Canadian independent bands. The same cannot be said for CBC television. CBC does well in comedy with acts like 22 Minutes and Mr. Dee, but there is a dearth of quality hour long programming. My thesis is this: bring back Chris Haddock, who brought us amazing works like Davinci's Inquest and Intelligence, which garnered countless awards and praise. Intelligence had the rug pulled from beneath it. Read more »

A Grittier Religion Show - A Religion of the Streets

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Better Canadian content

CBC's Tapestry is an open-minded, thoughtful show on religion. It's great ... for boomers.

A recent show, "Lessons For Living", interviewed a gerontologist. Past shows were about AA, Catholic saints, and mid-life. All fine topics but lacking ... grit.

Meaning is no longer top-down -- God, the church, ministers, sacred texts -- but bottom-up, found in the most obscure places, on the street. Read more »

A Gritter Religion Show