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The government is about to ram through a new law1 that will provide immunity to telecom companies that hand over our sensitive information to authorities even when they don't have a warrant.

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A broad-based coalition of citizens, experts, organizations, and businesses have come together to defend our right to privacy based on a common statement of principle. Join us today ---->

The government has been caught engaging in secretive, expensive, and out of control spying on our private lives.

  • SECRETIVE: The government has been caught tracking law-abiding Canadians and collecting our sensitive private data.2,3
  • EXPENSIVE: The government is about to spend $4-billion of our tax dollars to house new spying operations.4
  • OUT OF CONTROL: In recent years there have been over 3,000 breaches of sensitive citizen data, affecting approximately 725,000 of us.5

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  • Are you part of an organization that would like to join our coalition? Join us by clicking here

    The Protect Our Privacy coalition is supported by:

    Are you part of an organization that would like to join our coalition? Join us by clicking here



    Experts, Academics and Public Figures Who Support the Protect Our Privacy Coalition:

    Prof. Lisa Austin
    Caleb Behn, Indigenous Leader
    Prof. Colin Bennett
    Prof. Cindy Blackstock
    Prof. Andrew Clement
    Prof. Kathleen Cross
    Shawna Finnegan, Privacy Advocate
    Prof. Linda M. Harasim
    Mallory Knodel, Privacy Advocate
    Dr Monia Mazigh
    Prof. Normand Landry
    Prof. David Lyon
    Prof. Randall Marlin
    Dr. Kate Milberry, Privacy Advocate
    Dr. Jonathan Obar
    Christopher Parsons, fellow at Centre for Global Studies
    Claudiu Popa, Privacy & Security Advocate
    Prof. Leslie Shade




    [1] Why Peter MacKay Is Wrong About Warrantless Access to Personal Information. Source: Professor Michael Geist
    [2] Canada’s spy agency may have illegally targeted Canadians: watchdog Source: The National Post.
    [3] CSEC used airport Wi-Fi to track Canadian travellers: Edward Snowden documentsCBC News
    [4] Inside Canada's top-secret billion-dollar spy palace. Source: CBC News.
    [5] Data breach protocols deficient in 9 federal departments, watchdog finds. Source: CBC News

    Coalition Statement

    The Protect Our Privacy Coalition endorses the following Statement: "More than ever, Canadians need strong, genuinely transparent, and properly enforced safeguards to secure privacy rights. We call on Government to put in place effective legal measures to protect the privacy of every resident of Canada against intrusion by government entities."

    ** Disclaimer: Coalition members do not necessarily endorse any content, website policies or activities beyond the statement of principle immediately above unless explicitly stated.

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