This Halloween, Canadians use social media campaign to speak out about scary cell phone service

October 31, 2012 – knows that Canadians find their cell phone providers ghoulish; now the grassroots group is trying to determine which type of cell phone horror haunts our nation the most. Is it long-term contracts with terrifying termination fees? Ghastly customer service? Or is it blood-sucking, price-gouging practices?

As a special Halloween extension of their popular campaign (see below), the group has created a new social media action page at

The Halloween campaign calls on Canadians to use social media to vote on what scares them the most about Canadian cell phone service by sharing one of three images (see below). The action page also encourages citizens to contribute to the development of a code of conduct for wireless companies.

“This Halloween we want citizens to tell policy-makers which terrifying aspect of service from Canada’s cell phone giants has Canadians hiding under the covers.” says Executive Director Steve Anderson. “The Big Three cell phone providers control nearly 94% of the market, and that is truly frightening in this day and age.”

Canadians can vote on what scares them the most about cell phone service in Canada, by visiting

About is a grassroots organization that safeguards the possibilities of an open and affordable Internet. The group works towards an informed and participatory digital policy. is best known for its campaign that engaged over half-a-million Canadians and its campaign that stopped the warrantless online spying bill C-30.

About the campaign

In response to the CRTC’s recent call for citizen comments about national standards to protect cell phone users, grassroots group is asking Canadians to share their horror stories at

The Big Three cell phone companies (Bell, Rogers and Telus) control nearly 94% of the market and many Canadians feel trapped by long-term restrictive contracts, price-gouging, and disrespectful customer service. plans to highlight Canadians’ cell phone horror stories in a crowdsourced submission to the CRTC. The group also expects the Commission to take the time to read each story individually, and thereby gain an awareness of the real human consequences of Canada’s broken cell phone market.



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