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Over 100,000 tell TPP leaders to reject Internet censorship at Bali summit starting Monday

Online campaign goes viral, spurred on by citizen outrage at secretive and extreme Trans-Pacific Partnership proposals, says OpenMedia

October 3, 2013 – Citizens across the trans-Pacific region are speaking up in huge numbers to tell their elected leaders to say no to Internet censorship at upcoming Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations at the APEC summit in Indonesia. They’re participating in a rapidly growing online campaign organized by OpenMedia, with support from Roots Action and Fight for the Future.

Over 100,000 citizens have now sent TPP leaders a clear message to reject the extreme Internet censorship proposals contained in leaked drafts of the TPP. Experts say the secretive proposals, which are being pushed for behind closed doors by large, outdated U.S. conglomerates, could see whole families kicked off the Internet. TPP leaders are set to meet in Bali, Indonesia in just a few days to finalize the deal. Read more »

Canadians call on Harper to say no to extreme U.S.-driven Internet censorship proposals at final TPP talks next week

Led by citizen-backed, Canadians are speaking out against secretive U.S. plans to censor the Internet and restrict free expression online

September 26, 2013 – Led by citizen-backed, Canadians are calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to make a firm commitment to reject extreme U.S.-driven Internet censorship proposals when he meets with other world leaders in Bali, Indonesia next week.

The proposals are contained within leaked drafts of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a highly secretive deal that has been negotiated behind closed doors by trade bureaucrats and industry lobbyists. Civil society groups have been nearly completely excluded from the TPP talks, which world leaders are planning to conclude at next week’s APEC summit. Read more »

Big Three poised to take majority of wireless spectrum - govt action needed now to stop telecoms from blocking Canadians' access to new providers, says

Spectrum Auction registrations show that Big Three will likely continue to act like gatekeepers and price-gouge Canadians unless the government takes action to open networks to more affordable providers

September 23, 2013 – After today’s publication of the list of cell phone providers who have registered to take part in January’s wireless spectrum auction, is saying that the Big Three look set to continue their stranglehold over the market. According to the citizen-backed group, government action is needed now to create authentic choice by opening Canada’s wireless networks to affordable, independent providers.

Wireless spectrum is a scarce and vital public resource that mobile devices use to communicate with each other. At present the Big Three telecom giants control about 85% of Canada’s spectrum. Much of this infrastructure was handed to the Big Three virtually for free. The Big Three are now poised to take the lion’s share of the 700 MHz block of spectrum that’s on the auction block in January. Bidding commences on January 14, 2014. Read more »

MEDIA ADVISORY: Wireless Spectrum Auction registration deadline is 12 noon (ET) Tuesday September 17th, available to comment

With the Big Three already controlling 85% of usable wireless spectrum, citizens are hoping that independent Canadian-based providers register to participate despite the cards being stacked against them

Steve Anderson, Executive Director,
Noushin Khushrushahi, Media Contact & Online Community Facilitator, 604-633-2744,

After months of debate about the future of Canada’s wireless market, wireless providers have until 12 noon (ET) today (Tuesday September 17th) to register to take part in January’s auction of valuable wireless spectrum. Bidders could be revealed at any point, but the official complete list of bidders will be made public by the government September 23rd. Bidding for the auction commences on January 14, 2013. Read more »

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Canadian innovators and entrepreneurs urge Industry Minister to take action to fix our broken cell phone market

Leading innovators call for new measures to stop the Big Three from blocking mobile startups from reaching Canadians

9 SEPTEMBER, 2013 – A group of over 35 leading Canadian innovators and entrepreneurs have sent Industry Minister James Moore a letter calling for reasonable action to deliver genuine choice and affordability in Canada’s broken wireless market. In the wake of the Big Three’s misleading PR campaign, they ask Industry Canada to prevent the telecom bureaucracies from blocking new startups in Canada.

The group writes at a time of intense debate around wireless service in Canada. Joining citizen-backed organization, they are calling on the Minister to take a common sense approach and open up our networks to Canadian startups by ensuring they have access to the infrastructure needed to compete effectively in Canada’s wireless market. Read more »

Time for a "Third Way" approach to fix broken cell phone market, says citizen-backed group

All political parties urged to take a stand against Big Three blocking Canadian startups as Parliamentary committee prepares to hold emergency meeting

August 26, 2013 – Citizen-backed is saying it’s time for all political parties to support a “Third Way” approach as a common sense solution to Canada’s broken cell phone market. The group says it’s time to put the misleading Big Three PR campaign behind us and take reasonable action to stop Canada’s cell phone giants from blocking independent Canadian providers from reaching customers.

The call comes as Parliament’s Standing Committee on Industry, Science, and Technology prepares to hold an emergency meeting at 4pm (ET) today to examine the challenges facing Canada’s wireless market. Read more »

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