Media Democracy Network commends CRTC decision, urges support for community media

October 30, 2008

The Campaign for Democratic Media welcomes today’s decision by the CRTC to establish a Local Programming Improvement Fund.

Overall, CDM National Coordinator Steve Anderson is pleased: "Canadians across the country have seen cut backs to local news in recent years and the Local Programming Improvement Fund will help reverse the worst of these cuts."

The Local Programming Improvement Fund will provide funding for public and private broadcasters serving markets of fewer than 1 million people. The $60 million fund will be available to broadcasters to build up local programming and expand their news bureaus and local coverage.

While this decision is a positive development, it is notable that community television broadcasters will not have access to the Local Programming Improvement Fund until the the CRTC undertakes its review of its policies relating to community broadcasting in 2009-2010. "Remedying the deficit in local programming requires support for community and independent media who are often best positioned to serve local communities," said Steve Anderson.

Earlier this year the CRTC (2008-19) used the "uncertainty" that the Community Media Education Society (CMES) would have "sufficient resources to ensure long-term financial stability" for community TV, to deny CMES's application to create a community television channel to serve communities in British Columbia and Alberta.

One of the principles that binds the Campaign for Democratic Media network is: "long term funding and regulatory support for public and community broadcasting, independent and non-commercial media, and media producers". More at:

For more information, contact CDM National Coordinator Steve Anderson at 604-837-5730,


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