Dear Ottawa: Stop Online Spying

*UPDATE: On February 11, 2013 the government bowed to public pressure and killed online spying bill C-30. Threats to our privacy continue through CSEC and the government's reckless handling of citizen data. Canadians need a firm pro-privacy commitment from the government, and we must keep the pressure on stop invasive and costly online spying initiatives. Please send a message to you MP now >>>

Stop Online SpyingThe government has just tabled an online spying plan that will allow authorities to access the private information of any Canadian at any time, without a warrant. If they are successful your personal information could be caught up in a digital dragnet and entered into a giant unsecure registry of private data.

By forcing digital service providers to install costly online surveillance infrastructure, this scheme will create red tape for online innovators and businesses. It takes Canada in the wrong direction—a dangerous move when families are already falling behind during unstable economic times.

This warrantless online spying plan will invade your privacy and the huge costs will be passed on to you. If we care about privacy, the open Internet, our economy and our basic democratic rights, it's time to tell Ottawa to stop this irresponsible plan NOW.

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