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Dear [name of MP];

As a citizen living in your riding, I am writing to express my concern with the proposed changes to Internet billing introduced by the Canadian Radio and Telecommunication Commission (CRTC). It is my belief that usage-based billing (UBB) will have a negative effect not only on individual citizens, but also on the future of online discourse in Canada in general.

Big telecommunication companies’ desire to impose usage-based billing on independent Internet services providers (ISPs) is clearly and simply an effort to increase their own revenues. They seem to show no concern for the open and affordable Internet.

With the increasing amount of content and applications, and endless possibilities ranging from Internet TV to modern research and development, it is without a question a step back to limit the amount of data people can use.

The comparison between Internet and utilities like water or gas is inappropriate since there are no real limits to the amount of bandwidth available.

Moreover, the Internet is an important force in the development of our society, and high prices will act as a tax on innovation, free expression, and empowerment. It is in the interest of all citizens to protect the Internet and disallow big corporations from capping our Internet usage. Introducing usage-based billing only deepens the digital divide, and is antithetical to the CRTC’s broadband accessibility mandate.

As one of your constituents, it is my suggestion that you adopt a firm position against usage-based billing and that you make a responsible decision as to whether the CRTC acts in the interest of the citizenry or in the interest of big corporations.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Your Name and Signature]

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