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You've joined the Digital Action what?

    Take Photos!
  1. Organize a meeting!
    • Decide on a location.
    • Write an agenda (check out our sample agenda for guidance).
    • Set goals!

  2. Discuss how you want to take action!
  3. Why not...
    • ..print out the petition and get signatures at coffee shops, door-to-door or out your community?
    • Go to the press!
    • ..organize a local rally at your local CRTC office or somewhere else fun?
    • ..dress up as meter maids, get signatures on the petition, photograph it and share it with us?
    • ..make videos that help educate the public about UBB?
    • ..write letters to your MP?
    • ..fundraise for's Vote for the Internet fund?

  4. Rally your community!

  5. Succeed!

*Be sure to keep us in the loop! Email to send photos and other resources you've created, updates, and to get our support for your local efforts!

Local Groups | Campus Clubs

Local efforts to make media more open are taking place in:

Campuses are taking action at:


Not listed here? Become the founder of your own open media project! Contact us for more details by writing to

Have other community members sign up for the Digital Action Team HERE.