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OpenMedia's Meghan Sali: "What we're talking about here is global Internet censorship."

The TPP is bad news for 800 million internet users. That means you and everyone you know with a computer. We have to stop this. Check out the article below, and speak out at

Article by Deirdre Fulton for CommonDreams

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CBC: Critics raise data privacy concerns in Trans-Pacific Partnership deal

"Canadians have no idea what they're signing away" We have a right to know. Speak out at

Written by Kate Porter for CBC News

Canadians need to see the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal in order to know what they might be giving up in terms of the privacy of their data online, copyright and other internet-related issues, critics say.

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Geist: Is the Canadian Government Misleading the Public on the TPP Copyright Provisions?

Why we need to see the full text of the TPP and not just the edited summaries that various governments deem us worthy to have.

Written by Michael Geist for his website,

The initial Canadian press coverage on the conclusion of the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations has unsurprisingly focused on the dairy sector, with word that the government plans to effectively create a milk tax by transferring billions of dollars to dairy farmers without any evidence of loss. Lost in the coverage are the copyright and privacy implications of the deal. From a copyright perspective, it is notable that the Canadian government has sought to downplay the TPP, releasing a summary that suggests that it is consistent with current law.

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How big is Big Telecom? Just how concentrated is the Canadian media landscape?

So, just how big is Big Telecom? 

Our friends at the Canadian Media Concentration Research Project, led by Carleton University Professor (and OpenMedia friend) Dwayne Winseck, have sought to answer exactly that question.

In a new blog post they ask:

Ever wonder who the main companies are that make up and shape the media, telecoms and internet landscape in Canada? Who owns what?

Where do Google, Facebook and Netflix – the new internet giants — fit alongside other companies that have long had a towering presence across key sectors of the media and telecoms industries in Canada: Bell, Rogers, Shaw, Telus and Quebecor?

The results may surprise you. Working together with a team of researchers, they've put together a gigantic infographic that shows the largest telecom, media, and Internet companies in the country and how much control they have over what we see and hear online. 

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Everything you need to vote in the 2015 federal election

It’s finally here! After the longest campaign in Canadian history, it’s time to cast your vote.

For some of you, this may be routine. But for others, this may be your first time voting! In either case, we’ve put together a list of resources from Elections Canada to make sure you have the information you need to be able to vote in Canada’s 2015 federal election.

All of the information below is taken directly from the Elections Canada website. If at any point you are uncertain about any of the details we, or anyone else, have provided you with about voting, please always check directly with Elections Canada.

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What We Know About the Secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership that Was Just Signed

Expanded spying capacity, increased cost of life-saving prescription drugs in the developing world, and the blurring of the lines between public and private corporations. We are ready to hear the good news...

Article by Jordan Pearson for VICE

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, a massive international trade deal between 12 countries including Canada, Japan, and the US, was signed on Monday after seven years of secret negotiations.

To anyone who hasn’t been obsessively following the drama leading up to today’s signing, that probably sounds boring as hell. You’re not totally wrong. But buried in the reams of dry legal jargon of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are stipulations that will affect everything from access to pirated movies and music, to government spying, to the price of life-saving drugs around the world.

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