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Georgia Straight: OpenMedia encourages voters to consider policies around access, privacy in federal election

Check out this amazing coverage of our pro-Internet election plan on The Georgia Straight! The Internet is something we shouldn’t take for granted. We should take action to have our democratic rights as citizens, to make sure it stays open, accessible and free for everyone. This election, vote for the Internet!

Article by Stephen Hui for the Georgia Straight 

Stephen Harper’s Conservative government represents a “lost 10 years” for the Internet in Canada, according to a digital-rights advocate.

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2015 election needs to focus on our digital future

Do we really want to drive our local businesses out of town, by failing to provide the digital infrastructure, security and privacy safeguards that they need to operate in a global market? Our own Laura Tribe analyzes the importance of our digital future in the upcoming election. How do you think parties are faring in on these issues? Let us know in the comments below, your feedback will be used to inform how we rate parties. 

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This election, Canadians can't afford to be caught up in the soundbites, quibbles and petty pandering that our politicians are increasingly levelling at each other. Trudeau's hair? Mulcair's smile? Harper's suit?

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Vote as Early as Today!

So you’re out of town or too busy on election day, Oct. 19th. Or perhaps you made up your mind long before debate season. Well here’s some good news: you can vote right now!

Although not everyone knows about early voting, it is a legal option that every Canadian can take advantage of. Voting doesn’t have to be a hassle just because the Fair Elections Act changed some rules of the game, and advanced voting makes things even simpler.

But first things first: find out if you’re registered to vote. There’s a good chance you are, but finding out takes only about a minute. Just go to and press Start. If you’re not registered already, you can do so at the same link, or by visiting or contacting by mail your local Elections Canada office. This is a much easier and faster way to register, just make sure you do it before the deadline on Oct. 13th.

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Big Telecom are trying to make the Internet like cable TV and we have to stop them

Last week, one of Canada’s Big Telecom giants announced a controversial new scheme that will give them more power to control how you use the Internet on your mobile devices – and, if we don’t speak up, the Big Three will soon follow suit.

Videotron wants the power to hand-choose which mobile streaming apps and services are more expensive than others. How are they doing this? By bundling them into outdated Cable-TV-style packages for mobile phone users. As a result, they’re giving unfair advantage to the services they decide are “worthy” of our attention and discriminating against others – an anti-user practice that positions them as gatekeepers of our mobile networks, and violates Canada’s open Internet (AKA: Net Neutrality) rules.

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