It's Time to Ditch Big Telecom Deadweight on our Country

Canada’s Big Telecom giants plan to block your access to independent high-speed Internet services so they can raise prices on you and your family.1

We can’t stand for this. Big Telecom price-gouging is a dead weight on our economy and they’re holding our country back.

Tell key decision makers at the CRTC to ditch the Big Telecom deadweight on our country --->

We’re already falling behind our global counterparts and this is going to make it worse.

We’re at a fork in the road in Canada. If we don’t speak up now, these telecom giants will ramp up price-gouging, and lock us out of affordable, world-class, Internet services.

Use our form to the right to tell the CRTC to ditch the Big Telecom deadweight on our country before it’s too late. --->





[1] At the 2013 Canadian ISP summit one of Bell’s lobbyists explained their desire to have the power to block more affordable independent ISPs from providing highspeed fiber Internet services to Canadians. Source: YouTube (28 mins in). *This is consistent with Bell’s vocal attempt to block independent access to previous upgrades of Internet services. We can stop them again.

[2] The CRTC’s 2013-551 public review of “wholesale” Internet services and pricing. Source: Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

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