Demand Choice in the Cell Phone Market

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Canada’s Big Telecom giants are raising their rates and undermining customer protection rules.

Their multi-pronged campaign against Canadians includes:

  • Going to federal court to undermine and delay new cell phone contract rules.1
  • Increasing their already sky high cell phone rates.2
  • Unleashing a misleading PR campaign, including full-page ads in newspapers across the country.3

We already pay some of the highest prices in the industrialized world4 for horrible cell phone service5. If we don’t speak out now it’s going to get worse -->

Will Industry Minister James Moore feel the pressure from Big Telecom’s high-paid lobbyists - or will he feel the pressure from you?

Send your message now before it’s too late -->

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Additional Information

For an explanation of why your high cell phone bill has nothing to do with Canada's size, check out this article by's Catherine Hart.

Industry Canada clearly stated that only "new entrants" were eligible for the AWS wireless spectrum set aside in 2008. Industry Canada further stated that “changes made after the application deadline which create an Association with another applicant are not permitted, and any applicant who has formed such an Association will be disqualified from participating in the auction.” Source: Industry Canada

Canada’s wireless industry is overwhelmingly dominated by Bell, Telus, and Rogers. Source: The Globe and Mail

* joined experts and advocates to send a letter to our Industry Minister about this issue. Find the full letter here. [PDF]

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