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Here's what's next in our fight to #KillC51

A message from OpenMedia executive director, Steve Anderson:

I, like many Canadians, am deeply upset right now. The Conservative government just forced Bill C-51 through a final Senate vote despite opposition from hundreds of thousands of Canadians.1

The Conservatives are hoping that we will all give up now. I’m frustrated, but I won’t give up until reckless Bill C-51 is dead.

We can’t let them get away with this. Your OpenMedia team is responding by launching a new #KillC51 action. Please join us in speaking out as loudly as possible right now.

It’s time to send a message to each political party leader calling on them to commit to repeal and kill Bill C-51. We need to speak out in record numbers now while the media and leaders are paying attention. Will you stand with us now?

Let’s not lose sight of how much we’ve accomplished so far.

Here are just a few of the amazing things that Canadians (huge numbers of people and a diverse range of organizations) opposed to C-51 have accomplished together:

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Conservative MP Laurie Hawn attacks Canadian Businesses that raised concerns about Bill C-51

Wow -- this is how Conservative MP Laurie Hawn responded to the now 140+ businesses who have raised concerns in a letter published by the National Post about reckless spying Bill C-51:"[They] should seriously reconsider their business model and their lack of commitment to the values that bind us as Canadians".

Keep in mind that the list of signatories includes the founder of the largest software company in Canada.

In fact the list of signatories runs the gamut from local bakeries, to property developers, to venture capitalists.  It’s amazingly unbecoming of a public office holder like Laurie Hawn to question the loyalty to Canada of these business people from across the country.  

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CCPA Monitor: What will it take to address Canada's privacy deficit?

This piece by our Steve Anderson & David Christopher was originally published in the CCPA monitor.

Six months ago, we argued that Canadians face a stark privacy deficit. A perfect storm of spy agency surveillance, privacy-undermining legislation, and lax privacy safeguards at government departments sparked concern from citizens right across the political spectrum.

Since then, sadly, the situation has further deteriorated. The government's surveillance bill C-13 became law. The Supreme Court ruled that police don't require a warrant to search the cell phones of people they arrest. The private tax information of hundreds of Canadians was leaked to the CBC. And the government is building a powerful new system to collect and analyze what Canadians are saying on Facebook.

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CCPA Monitor: The CRTC and the future of high-speed Internet access

This piece originally appeared in the December 2014 edition of the CCPA Monitor

Last December, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) began a year-long public consultation on the future of Canada’s Internet services. At the core of the consultation, known formally as CRTC 2013-551 Review of Wholesale Services and Associated Policies, policy-makers have been reviewing how Canadians are served by the current structure of our telecommunications system, and the policies that govern it.

The consultation will determine whether and how Canadians are able to access affordable, independent, and reliable Internet services that support their everyday well-being. Given the public interest mandate of the CRTC, it is important that these services enable everyday Internet users across the country to maximize their innovative and productive potential, and exercise their democratic rights in a free and open society.

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This is getting ridiculous

This is getting ridiculous.

  • First, government spy agency CSEC assured us they didn't spy on Canadians.1
  • Then, they finally admitted to ‘incidentally’ collecting our private data.2
  • Now, it's finally been officially revealed that CSEC retained the private communications of Canadians, which were intercepted without a warrant.3 But they still aren’t coming clean about how many innocent Canadians they spied on in the first place, or making any commitment to stopping the practice.

We’ve had enough - today we’re launching a hard-hitting video to expose just how CSEC could be monitoring you, your family, and innocent Canadians everywhere. Click here to watch the video - then share it right now with everyone you know. Read more »

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BREAKING: I’m taking your voice to the White House

We just got some huge news. The White House has invited me to a meeting with key Obama administration officials after feeling the heat from all of you speaking out against the Internet slow lane.

Truthfully, we hadn’t expected or budgeted for this happening, and now we need to book a last-minute flight to Washington, D.C.

Your support, hard work, and dedication has taken our movement this far—now we need you to chip in what you can right now so I can take this amazing opportunity to go to the White House on your behalf. Read more »

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