I took your voices to Canada’s Privacy Commissioner. Here’s what happened.

One of my favourite parts of working for OpenMedia is being on our Privacy team. Strong privacy rights are so important in a democratic society, and we cannot have an open Internet without them. In my view, it’s never been more important to stand up and defend privacy than it is right now.

That’s why I was excited when OpenMedia was invited to participate in a stakeholder discussion with the Office of the federal Privacy Commissioner, Daniel Therrien. Given recent reports about spy agency CSE warrantlessly monitoring 10 to 15 million visits to popular file sharing websites every single day, and the recently tabled sweeping new surveillance Bill C-51, I knew I would have a lot to say to the Commissioner.

One of our core goals here at OpenMedia is to use the Internet to insert citizen comments into policy-making processes that are often closed and inaccessible. This meeting provided me a unique chance to deliver citizen voices directly to Canada’s Privacy Commissioner - so before I flew to Edmonton, we made sure to ask you, members of our community, what you thought I should tell the Commissioner.

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The Star: Let's make politicians do the right thing on Bill C-51

Politicians need to hear from you on anti-privacy Bill C-51. Speak out now at

Article by Tim Harper for The Star

Pity our poor civil liberties.

Watch the quivering debate in our nation’s capital and you would think they’ve been abandoned, all but orphaned, tossed in a snow bank in the dead of a pre-election winter.

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CBC: Big Telecom is trying to force you to pay more

Big Telecom giants are abusing their market power to trap customers in their high-priced services and block them from affordable alternatives. We’ll keep you updated on the next steps as we push back against these abuses.

Article by Emily Chung for CBC News

Should you have to subscribe to cable TV to stream Big Bang Theory on your tablet? Or choose a particular internet provider in order to watch Parks and Recreation?
A pair of consumer groups say no.

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OpenMedia joins 31 groups from 5 continents to deliver letter urging FCC to stop Big Telecom’s slow lane plan

Today, 31 organizations from five continents around the globe (including OpenMedia) delivered a letter to key FCC decision-makers in the U.S. asking them to stop Big Telecom’s Internet slow lane plan – preserving so-called “net neutrality” rules. Given that the U.S. could set a strong global standard for what net neutrality rules can look like, the groups implored the FCC to vote in favor of the strong rules described by FCC Chairman and former telecom lobbyist Tom Wheeler on February 26 in Wired.

As we’ve discussed elsewhere, the devil still could be in the details when it comes to the rules described by FCC, so OpenMedia will reserve final judgment until we see the final product. In the meantime though, the FCC appears to be on the right path, and OpenMedia celebrates their move promise for the strongest rules possible (via Title II reclassification).

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