The Tyee: Steve Anderson and MP Roxanne James spar over secret police Bill C-51

"I just want to say... I found that the comments mentioned a second ago from MP James kind of insinuate that Canadians are not informed and are stupid. I find that really distasteful for a public office holder."

Article by Jeremy J Nuttall

Appearing before the House of Commons public safety committee this week was a disappointing experience, punctuated by one Tory MP's "arrogant and elitist" attitude toward the public, says Vancouver activist Steve Anderson.

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PressProgress: Firefox makers come out against C-51

The team at Mozilla have joined the growing chorus of voices united against secret police Bill C-51. Have you spoken up yet?

Article by PressProgress

Bill C-51 will "undermine user trust, threaten the openness of the web, and reduce the security of the Internet and its users," according to Mozilla, the creator of one of the world's leading web browsers.

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Today, CRTC announces new protections and shows they’re listening to Canadians

This morning, the CRTC announced they’ll bring in a new customer protection code for Canadian TV users. While the CRTC has not yet drafted the code, they’re offering a two month consultation period for Canadians to weigh in. You can add your comments here.

Your OpenMedia team welcomes this news, and hopes it will lead to improvements for Canadian telecom subscribers. In addition, the CRTC also announced they’ll have rules to increase the percentage of programs with closed captioning for the hearing impaired. This is great news for many Canadians, and will help keep more of our friends, family, and neighbours connected to what’s happening in our communities.

Under the leadership of Chair Jean Pierre Blais, it looks like they’ve finally started listening to Canadians instead of coddling petulant telecom giants. Of course, this would never have happened without Canadians speaking out, and demanding that the CRTC take notice. After all, it’s not so long ago that the CRTC, then under the chairmanship of Konrad von Finckenstein, told OpenMedia’s Steve Anderson that citizen concerns were out of scope during a crucial hearing on whether Internet access should be metered.

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Use our tool: Tell your MP to #RejectFear and #StopC51

Stephen Harper is trying to ram his Secret Police Bill C-51 through Parliament in the next few weeks - so it's crucial that MPs hear from Canadians. 
Have you ever written to your MP before? It's a lot easier than you might think - and we’ve made it even more straightforward by creating an easy-to-use tool at:
Just enter your postal code, type in your letter (we’ve even suggested some points you may wish to raise), and our tool will send your letter automatically to your local Member of Parliament.
This is a powerful way to speak out - MPs take seriously the voices of their local constituents, all the more so in an election year.
It looks like MPs could have their final vote on this legislation in the next few weeks - so it’s never been more important to speak out. Write to your MP today and tell them to side with Canadians and vote down this reckless, dangerous, and ineffective bill.
Keep speaking up, Canada!

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