CBC: CSIS surveillance of pipeline protesters faces federal review

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Article by CBC News

A federal committee is holding a hearing Wednesday into a complaint that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service illegally spied on peaceful anti-pipeline protesters in B.C., but the public may never know what has occurred behind the hearing's closed doors.

The security intelligence review committee hearing will not be open to the public.

The complaint was filed by the B.C. Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) last year and alleges that CSIS "broke the law by gathering information on the peaceful and democratic activities of Canadians." Read more »

Vancouver Sun: Big Brother needs to back off

As our friends at BCCLA and Dogwood Initiative continue to fight for our right to speak up in public without fear of being put under surveillance, an important reminder of how out of control our secret courts and surveillance agencies have become. 

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Article by Pete McMartin at Vancouver Sun

Today, in downtown Vancouver, in a Canadian federal courtroom, in this country that we assume generally observes the rights of its citizens, secret hearings began to investigate complaints against the federal government’s security agencies spying on local environmental and community groups.

I can’t help but think, given the above, that as a country we just crossed some kind of line. Not the one as brutal as Orwell imagined, but something more mundane, more insinuative.

Maybe “Nixonian” is the right word. It’s the one of enemies lists, of law-abiding citizens feeling the impulse to look over their shoulders. Of government as something to be more than just angry with, or frustrated with, but to fear.

Read more »

We have our winners! And the prizes go to…

After some serious campaigning from our incredible OpenMedia community, the Great Canadian Petition Drive to Kill C-51 is complete — and we have our top spots!

Congratulations to our top three leaders, each taking home an awesome pro-privacy prize pack:

  1. Ben Kendrick

  2. David Butz

  3. Peter Benton

Ben Kendrick took a strong lead in this competition right from the start, eventually taking the proverbial cake with an astonishing number of shares — well over 1000, and still counting! Read more »

Toronto Star: Group protesting spy agency says it’s shut out of probe

This is getting out of hand. We have to draw a line in the sand and pledge to say no reckless spy powers and secret courts. Enough is enough. Speak out 

Article by Jim Bronskill for the Canadian Press

OTTAWA—A civil liberties group says it’s being kept in the dark as a federal watchdog begins looking at whether the Canadian Security Intelligence Service went too far in eyeing environmental activists.

CSIS has disclosed very little information heading into three days of Security Intelligence Review Committee hearings about the complaint from the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, said Paul Champ, lawyer for the association.

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