You won’t want to miss out on Saturday’s Day of Action against Secret Police Bill C-51

Momentum is building for the Day of Action against Secret Police Bill C-51 this Saturday, March 14.

Canadians from coast to coast will be hitting the streets to fight back against reckless government surveillance, which would expand dramatically under the new law.

Ever since the government introduced C-51, privacy experts, advocates, four former prime ministers, and ordinary Canadians have been deeply concerned. The Bill will give unprecedented new powers to CSIS that would allow them to act as a secret police force.

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The Star: Justin Trudeau is gambling too much on C-51

Why the Liberals' strategy around secret police Bill C-51 could backfire.

Article by Thomas Walkom for The Star

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals had hoped to stickhandle their way past Stephen Harper’s sweeping new anti-terror bill. The strategy could backfire.

It could backfire because it contradicts everything Trudeau claims to stand for.

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The Tyee: Therrien: C51 needs a lot of work

Canada's Privacy Commissioner has grave concerns about secret police Bill C-51.

Article by Jeremy J Nuttall for The Tyee

Canada's privacy commissioner says the country's proposed anti-terror legislation is excessive and provides no judicial recourse for those who are victims of improper use of parts of the legislation by authorities.

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Stand up with your fellow Canadians against secret police Bill C-51

The forecast for Saturday is 100% chance of action against secret police Bill C-51! So put on a pair of comfy shoes and your best my-privacy-rights-are-important-to-me smile and hit the streets to stop reckless government spying.

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