National Post: The Government's Bill C-13 threatens to dismantle constitutionally-enshrined privacy rights

Canadians are coming together from across the political spectrum to speak out about Bill C-13 - the government's reckless attempt to gain access to your private online data without a warrant. SHARE this piece by Avaaz's Jeremy Waiser and Chris Schafer from our Privacy Coalition partners at the @Canadian Constitution Foundation and SPEAK OUT at

Article by Chris Schafer and Jeremy Waiser for the National Post

It takes a pretty special issue to unite our two organizations in common cause. But our government is working to push a privacy-gutting bill through Parliament, using very cynical means: exploiting our grief over the loss of two teenage victims of online harassment. Read more »

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If I were Barack Obama, I would not be looking forward to my trip to Asia at the end of April

Very soon, Obama will be traveling throughout the region to gain political favour amongst the various nations currently negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). As you may recall, the trip was originally planned for last year, but had to be cancelled when the U.S. government was forced to shut down over a stalled budget bill in Congress.

Very soon, Obama will be leading new efforts to twist the arm of smaller countries, and make them cave to the extreme demands of U.S. lobbyists. Unfortunately for Obama, this looks easier said than done – especially as the Internet freedom community has worked hard to rally a huge global movement against the TPP’s Internet censorship plan. With midterm elections on the horizon in the U.S., the last thing Obama can afford is to alienate swing voters with extreme plans that could break our digital future. Read more »

Huffington Post: Big Telecom are gouging customers in provinces with low wireless choice

CONFIRMED: More telecom choice means cheaper services for Canadians. According to one tech expert, you're better off flying to Saskatchewan, Manitoba, or Quebec, signing up for wireless service there, then flying home than you are purchasing a cell phone plan in any of the other provinces.

Article from The Huffington Post

Canada’s big telecom firms recently raised prices on wireless services, and the new plans all look very similar. That is, unless you live in Manitoba, Quebec or Saskatchewan. Read more »

CBC: 5 Central Ontario towns now offer some of the fastest Internet in the country

Five forward-thinking municipalities have teamed up to deliver the fastest internet in Ontario. The upgrade gives a huge leg up to businesses and schools alike, and is a great example of how communities can come together to create solutions and promote innovation.

Article from CBC

Customers in Central Ontario will soon have access to 1 gigabit Internet service as Lakeland Networks starts rolling out what’s it calls the fastest service in Ontario. Read more »

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