B.C. experts ring the alarm on Bill C-51 as it is set to get voted

 We ain't giving up this fight, and we are going to keep it up all the way through to the October election if that's what it takes. You have only a few more hours to tell your MP to vote against reckless, dangerous an ineffective Bill C-51. Speak out:

Article by Stefania Steccia for Vancouver 24hs

B.C. experts say the impact of the federal anti-terrorism bill spells a significant loss of privacy rights for everyone, and it’s getting voted on this week before heading to the Senate for final approval.

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Why Internet Users Everywhere Should be Watching The EU Right Now

Lobbyists for old media conglomerates have a plan to censor links across the Internet.

The new regulations envisioned in this scheme aim to restrict our right to link to content and services of our choosing. If these new censorship powers are put into place it will fundamentally change the Web. Read more »

In a win for Canadians, CRTC promises fair rules to promote greater choice and affordability in our mobile phone market

New rules from regulator ensures Canadians will have choices outside the Big Three leading to lower phone bills and more flexible offerings in the not-too-distant future.

May 5, 2015 – A major ruling from the CRTC today signals a significant step toward providing Canadians with greater choice and affordability in our mobile phone and Internet market. Community-based group OpenMedia, which intervened in the hearing, is hailing the decision as a win for people across the country, who have been paying some of the highest prices in the industrialized world. However the CRTC could have gone further by facilitating innovation through new market entrants, such as Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs).

Common Dreams: We are making sure your voice is heard before it is too late to #StopC51

We are speaking out as much as we can to make sure your voice is heard: Bill C-51 will recklessly endanger our rights and our privacy. Here's another great coverage thanks to your support. Keep speaking up at before it is too late. 

Article by Nadia Prupis for Common Dreams

Canada's House of Commons on Tuesday is poised to pass Bill C-51, a so-called "anti-terror" law, despite widespread outcry from civil liberties advocates who say the legislation would allow law enforcement to spy on civilians and violate Canadians' constitutional rights with little or no accountability.

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Topics: Online Spying

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