Are Canada’s Big Telecom giants hiring U.S. firms attacking VMedia Inc., a small Canadian ISP?

Why is a foreign, U.S.-based public relations firm attacking a small Canadian indie ISP, VMedia, Inc.? That’s a question some Canadians may be asking in response to a recent public debate over the direction of Canada’s digital future.

Over the past few weeks, a debate about the future of independent (i.e. non-Big Telecom) Internet services has been playing out in the pages of the Financial Post following a recent win for Canadians at the CRTC.

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Toronto Star: Police to stop handing over private health records to U.S. authorities

This shows what we can achieve when we work together. Surely every police service in Canada should now follow suit? You can add your voice by endorsing our positive Privacy Plan at

Article by Wendy Gillies for the Toronto Star

Following a highly critical report and unprecedented legal action by Ontario’s privacy commissioner, Toronto police have taken steps to keep U.S. border police from automatically accessing records about a Canadian’s suicide attempts — sensitive personal information that could result in being denied entry.

“This is a huge, huge achievement and a significant advancement in terms of mental health issues,” said former Information and Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian, who in her final year as privacy watchdog took on what she called the “perplexing” and “indiscriminant” disclosure of suicide attempt incidents by police.

“You don’t have to be branded by a mental health mistake,” she said.

Globe & Mail: Indies ask CRTC to open networks, lower prices

Good news - indie cell phone companies have launched a new CRTC challenge, aimed at opening our wireless networks and lowering prices for all Canadians. Speak out at

Article by Christine Dobby for The Globe and Mail

A group of independent Internet providers has launched a challenge of a landmark ruling on wholesale wireless services, arguing that Canada’s telecom regulator should have gone further to support more competition in the cellular industry.

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EFF: TPP's Copyright Term Extension Isn't Made for Artists—It's Made By and For Big Content Companies

The TPP will transform Canada's intellectual property rules into an alarmingly large barrier to free speech and free expression. Speak out now at

Article by Maira Sutton for EFF

The following comment was written by Canadian filmmaker, Andrew Hunter, sent to party leaders asking them to come out against the 20-year copyright term extension in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and stand for fair and balanced innovation policy. He emailed this comment as part of EFF's TPP's Copyright Trap campaign.

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