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Please Share: Our image about how the TPP could kick families off the Internet is going viral

Do you think a 'censor first and ask questions later' approach is fair?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens to kick whole families off the Internet just for suspicion of copyright violation.

We've just released this image, and it's already being shared far and wide on social media.

Please add your voice - SHARE this image if you think this is unfair: Read more »

Ottawa Citizen: Revenue agency big source of data breaches

This government has a terrible record when it comes to protecting our privacy - and things seem to be getting worse, not better with revelations that there were over 3000 breaches of private data from the Canada Revenue Agency last year.

Article by Jordan Press and Patrick Smith for The Ottawa Citizen

The federal government has reported more data breaches over a recent 10-month period than it reported in the previous 10 years.

Between April 1, 2013 and Jan. 29, 2014 — a period covering 10 months of the fiscal year that ends Monday — federal departments and agencies reported 3,763 breaches of data, which includes, but is not limited to, instances in which a taxpayer’s or organization’s information was incorrectly released, lost or compromised. Read more »

Android Headlines: three is NOT the magic number for wireless carriers

This piece on a high-profile U.S. website shows that word is spreading fast about Canada's broken wireless market. Canadians are tired of the high prices and lack of choice that are holding back our digital economy. Tell Industry Minister Moore its time to rein in our telecom giants at

Article by Cory McNutt for Android Headlines

Canada’s wireless services are in a state of disarray – prices are going up as Rogers, TELUS and Bell continue to dominate the market while Wind Mobile is a distance fourth while Mobilicity is ready to go under. There have even been several attempts by the other existing telecom companies to purchase Mobilicity, but Industry Minister Christian Paradis will not hear of it – he is adamant that purchase by an existing company is unacceptable. Is the government fixing the problem or are they the real problem in not allowing businesses to battle it out in a free market place. Read more »

L'Internet libre et ouvert est au cœur de nos activités chez Open Media

L'Internet libre et ouvert est au cœur de nos activités chez Open Media. C'est la raison pour laquelle nous sommes fiers d'appuyer Notre Avenir Numerique – une initiative progressive destinée à donner une place de choix aux enjeux numériques sur la scène politique.

Veuillez partager ce message et ajouter votre appui à :

Pour un Quebec Numerique Libre et Ouvert

Les organismes à l’origine du présent manifeste sont préoccupés par différents enjeux de société soulevés par le numérique: l’accès universel à Internet haut débit, la protection de la vie privée et autres droits fondamentaux... Read more »

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