National Post: Did Laurie Hawn just apologize for his remarks against Canadian business leaders?

Laurie Hawn​ has (kind of, maybe, sort of?) apologized on his Facebook page after people innundated his online and social media platforms with messages urging him to #SaySorryLaurie. Big thanks to our community, this would never have happened without you speaking out! Now let's keep up the pressure for a full retraction and a proper apology.

Article by Jake Edmiston for the National Post

A Canadian tech CEO says the government cast him as unpatriotic for opposing the anti-terror bill. But the Tory MP who made the comments in question says he was completely misinterpreted.

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Do you believe in life after links?

With the news that we could be in for new rules that would allow the proliferation of link censorship online, many community members are wondering: how will this affect me?

And more specifically, what does life after links look like? Read more »

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Guardian: Facebook is NOT the Internet

If Zuckerberg actually cares about helping the world's poorest in this way, he should use his wealth and influence to boost the initiatives that are already on the ground.

Article by John Naughton for The Guardian 

Some years ago, I had a conversation with a senior minister in which he revealed that he thought the web was the internet.

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Huffington Post: Zuckerberg's overshadows local efforts to get people connected to the full Internet not only violates net neutrality, it puts privacy, free expression and innovation at risk wherever it goes.

Speak out now at No Fake Internet

Article by Timothy Karr for the Huffington Post

Mark Zuckerberg's plan for world domination is in deep trouble. Read more »

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