Canadians from coast to coast are speaking up!

Despite massive opposition from hundreds of thousands of everyday Canadians and the country’s top privacy experts, reckless Bill C-51 is now law

Bill C-51 violates our Charter rights and could lead to dangerous and unconstitutional measures. Above all, it underlines just how stark Canada’s privacy deficit has become.

Throughout this whole process, over 275,000 Canadians have signed the petition against the bill and tens of thousands more have inundated MPs and Senators with letters, phone calls, emails and tweets to express their opposition. We are witnessing one of the largest campaigns in Canadian history.

One of the most powerful actions Canadians are taking is using our Letter-to-the-Editor tool. This powerful tool has enabled Canadians to successfully publish dozens of letters in over 70 major Canadian newspapers, an effective and innovative way to speak out and spread the word in local communities against Bill C-51. 

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Telcos charge Canadians in some provinces more for wireless services

This should not happen! Speak out now:

Article by Dylan Young for Yahoo News 

Imagine you've just snagged yourself a brand new 128GB iPad Air 2 for $700 at the Apple Store. You couldn't be happier. What a deal! Now imagine you find out that Apple charges only $350 for the exact same model in the province next to yours. 

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Former Winnipeg Liberal candidate quits after party's C-51 support

The list of Liberal candidates and supporters who "cannot abide the support for C-51" is growing rapidly. Who will be next?

Article by Mia Rabson for Winnipeg Free Press

OTTAWA – A former Liberal candidate and party organizer from Winnipeg has torn up his Liberal membership card because the party voted in favour of the anti-terrorism legislation.

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"Less is Moore": The best and the worst of the Honourable James Moore

As many of you have already heard, Industry Minister James Moore is leaving politics, today announcing that he will not be running in the upcoming federal election. Our community has had many ups-and-downs with Minister Moore over the years, and we thought we would spend a few minutes reflecting on some of his best moments, and some of his worst.

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CBC: Bill C-51 is now in force. What changes?

On Thursday afternoon Bill C-51 received Royal Assent and is now in force. Let's keep building opposition to C-51 until the election and then let's get it repealed:

Article by Hadyn Watters for CBC

Bill C-51, the Conservatives' anti-terror legislation, received royal assent Thursday afternoon and is now law. 

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