Guardian: Intelligence agencies pounce on Paris attacks to pursue spy agenda

Sadly, it hasn’t taken long for the spy agencies to start using the Paris attacks to push their anti-privacy agenda. Here’s why we shouldn’t let fear undermine our democratic values.

Article by Trevor Timm for The Guardian
Government officials are wasting no time in attempting to exploit the tragedy in Paris to pass invasive anti-privacy laws and acquire extraordinary new powers that they have wanted for years. In the process, they are making incredibly dishonest arguments and are receiving virtually no pushback from the media.
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How European decision-makers could break the web

You may or may not live in the European Union but many of your favourite websites (and the tech that runs them) do.

Decision-makers in Europe are considering proposals to make users and websites liable for every single link we post. The same goes for online service providers which host user-based content. Not only would this be a major step backward for free expression, it could even stifle or shutter some of our favourite web services due to astronomical new legal fees. Read more »

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Our hearts are aching

Our hearts ache for the people of France, Beirut, and all who are struggling with tragedy.  

It’s in times of extreme fear and adversity that it is the most critical for us to come together and stay true to our values. 

OpenMedia is built on the belief that we are better when we work together. And we will continue working with you to build a better world. 

Hope triumphs over fear.

Your OpenMedia team

Geist: Quebec Bets on Internet Blocking: New Bill Mandates ISP Blocking of Gambling Websites

Why is Quebec planning to censor the Internet for its own commercial gain?

Article by Michael Geist

The Government of Quebec has introduced new legislation that requires Internet service providers to block access to unlicensed online gambling sites. 

Read more »

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