Alphabeatic: Canada still leads in high wireless prices

Wireless savings? Not for now. Canadians' wallets are still hurting. 

Article by Peter Nowak for Alphabeatic

With the CRTC’s decision this week to forego implementing rules that would have allowed small companies to share the networks of bigger players, the regulator and government are both now pinning their hopes for wireless savings on newer competitors building infrastructure that’s strong enough to challenge the likes of Bell, Rogers and Telus.

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Liberals are cutting their membership cards after Bill C-51 vote

Did the Liberals really think their voters wouldn't care about that Bill C-51 vote? Well, they were wrong. 

Article by ThinkPol

Social media is abuzz with images of Liberal supporters symbolically cutting up their party membership cards after their leader Justin Trudeau voted in favour of Bill C-51 at the anti-terrorism legislation’s third reading in the House of Commons.

Disillusioned supporters also plastered Trudeau’s Facebook page with angry comments about the party’s support for the controversial bill which has been denounced as dangerous and draconian by legal experts, academics, former Prime Ministers, First Nations groups, civil society organizations and all opposition parties other than the Liberals.

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CBC: Trudeau's support of Bill C-51 may just cost him the election

It only takes having a look at Justin Trudeau's social media platforms to realize his vote in favour of reckless Bill C-51 could cost him the October election. 

Article by Peter Nowak for CBC

If Justin Trudeau's Facebook page is any indication, the federal Liberal party may have lost a big swath of voter support on Wednesday for helping to pass Bill C-51, the Conservatives' controversial anti-terrorism legislation.

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Mulcair replies to business leaders concerned about economically risky Bill C-51 - but why is Harper staying silent?

Two weeks ago, over 60 leading Canadian business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs published a joint letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the National Post, warning of the economic risks of Bill C-51, and calling on him to go back to the drawing board on the controversial and unpopular legislation.

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Who's on our side?: Here's how your MPs voted on Bill C-51

Last Wednesday we witnessed how reckless Bill C-51 got a step closer to becoming the law of the land. The government used its majority to ram the unpopular legislation through Commons after only two days of debate. The legislation - now opposed by a whopping 56% of Canadians with just 33% in favour - will now be considered by the Senate. But many were wondering who were the MPs who sided with Canadians, and who were those who sided against them.

Canadians from all political stripes have come together against reckless, dangerous, and ineffective Bill C-51, and top privacy and security experts have spoken out about the serious threat this Bill poses to our democratic rights. Bill C-51 underlines just how worrying Canada’s privacy deficit has become in addition to undermining our constitutional rights in many other ways.

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