Michael Geist: Government's Privacy Bill S-4 will undermine Canadians' privacy

Bill S-4: the not-so-little Privacy Bill that wasn't.

Article by Michael Geist

Earlier this week, the government introduced the Digital Privacy Act (Bill S-4), the latest attempt to update Canada's private sector privacy law. The bill is the third try at privacy reform stemming from the 2006 PIPEDA review, with the prior two bills languishing for months before dying due to elections or prorogation. Read more »

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Michael Geist: The outlook for Canada's digital future is not rosy

BY THE NUMBERS: the government's Digital Canada 150 plan will allow Canada to fall behind other industrialized nations and worsen the digital divide between Canadians. Think that's not good enough? Speak out at

Article by Michael Geist

The release of Digital Canada 150, the federal government's long-awaited digital strategy, included a clear connectivity goal: 98 percent access to 5 Mbps download speeds by 2019. While the government promises to spend $305 million on rural broadband over the next five years and touts the goal as "a rate that enables e-commerce, high-resolution video, employment opportunities and distance education", the reality is that Canada now has one of the least ambitious connectivity goals in the developed world. Read more »

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Globe and Mail: CSEC dodges questions on relationship with Big Three telecom companies

Recently, we discovered that Big Telecom firms released Canadians' sensitive personal information to one government agency over 18,000 times in the past year. Now, the head of Canada's spy agency CSEC is refusing to tell a parliamentary committee how much access it has to Bell, Telus, and Rogers customer data. Think Canadians deserve to know how government agencies are using our private data? Speak up at

Article by Colin Freeze for The Globe and Mail

The head of Canada’s electronic-eavesdropping agency says he “can’t really disclose” what kinds of access it could have to data flowing through Bell, Rogers and Telus. Read more »

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Epoch Times: New privacy legislation fails to tackle Canadians’ central privacy concern: reckless & expensive govt surveillance

New privacy legislation does nothing to protect Canadians from out-of-control government spying. That's according to our own Steve Anderson, writing in today's edition of the @Epoch Times. Please SHARE this piece and speak out for real privacy protections at

This week, Industry Minister James Moore quietly tabled a new Digital Privacy Act in the Senate. The proposed legislation should safeguard Canadians’ privacy online but sadly does not. The proposal is likely to reinforce the feeling that the Conservatives are just bad on privacy issues despite privacy’s increasing importance to daily life and our digital economy.

While the proposal does include some positive measures concerning commercial privacy, it will do almost nothing to tackle the privacy concern foremost in most Canadians’ minds: the dragnet government surveillance of law-abiding citizens and widespread government breaches of our sensitive information. Read more »

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