#RejectFear - Call Together

Our MPs could be just a few days away from a vote on bill C-51. Can you help us send a powerful message with 1,000 phone calls to their offices calling on them to stop C-51, and start over with a law that defends our security, privacy and freedom?

You’ve already forced them to admit their bill is flawed. After widespread criticism from experts and the public, the Conservatives have made a few amendments to the bill – but it’s still reckless, dangerous and ineffective and must be stopped.[1-5]

Can you take a few moments now and use this tool to make a simple call to your MP’s office?

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Our #StopC51 Week of Education is in full swing - and today we’re educating MPs right across Canada

Canadians are coming together in a huge way to put a stop to the government’s reckless, dangerous, and ineffective Secret Police Bill C-51.

We’ve seen over 110,000 speak out online, over 70 rallies take place right across Canada, and dozens of letters get published in local newspapers from coast to coast.

Today, as part of our #StopC51 Week of Education, it’s time to educate our Members of Parliament about this bill - and, thanks to support from our monthly allies, your OpenMedia team has built a tool to help you do precisely that.

Stephen Harper knows that opposition to his bill is growing fast, so he’s trying to ram it through Parliament before Canadians can stop him. The final vote will be held very soon – so your MP needs to hear from you right now.

Thousands of Canadians are writing to local newspapers about Bill C-51

The past few weeks have been so inspiring - tens of thousands of Canadians are coming together to push back against the government’s Secret Police Bill C-51.

With MPs home in their ridings this week, it’s crucial that we sound a loud call against Bill C-51 in communities right across Canada.

That’s why, as part of our #StopC51 Week of Education, we’ve launched a Letter to the Editor tool to make it easy for you to spread the word in your local community. Thousands of Canadians are using our tool today to get the word out!

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Canadians are asking for more choice, lower prices and better mobile services.

The wireless spectrum landscape has to change.

The government's wireless spectrum auction would allow companies to buy the building blocks to expand and improve their networks.

Article by Pete Evans, CBC News

2500 MHz wireless spectrum auction underway

The federal government's auction of 2500 MHz wireless spectrum started at 10 o'clock eastern time today, and some of Canada's wireless companies could be poised to buy the building blocks to expand and improve their networks.

Wireless spectrum is the network over which wireless devices like cellphones and tablets send and receive data. Wireless companies need more and more spectrum to keep up with the growing demand for data transmission, so the government auctions off new stretches of airwaves at periodic intervals under certain rules.

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