Campbell River Mirror: The making of an Internet activist

Portrait of the access campaigner as a young man. 

Article by Alistair Tayler for the Campbell River Mirror

When 12-year-old Josh Tabish connected to the world through a dial up Internet connection for the first time, he probably had no idea that more than 10 years later he would be in Washington, DC urging U.S. lawmakers to keep the Internet free and open to everybody.

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Globe and Mail: Don't let spying become the new norm

We can't let ourselves become desensitized to expanding government spying: spread the word now by sharing our action to stop secret police Bill C-51:

Article by Matthew Ingram for The Globe and Mail

As The Globe and Mail has reported today – based on classified documents obtained from a confidential source – U.S. intelligence officials appear to be mapping the communications traffic of several large Canadian corporations, including Rogers Communications Inc., one of the country’s largest Internet and telecom providers. Perhaps the most depressing aspect of this news is how completely unsurprising it is.

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BCCLA: C51 plays on the politics of fear

Our friends @BCCLA went to Ottawa to speak against secret police Bill C-51. Find out what happened and add your voice at

Article by Carmen Cheung for the BCCLA

In this post, the National Security Blog breaks the fourth wall to share with our readers some observations after a morning on Parliament Hill before the House Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security.

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Hill Times: Privacy experts are deeply troubled by C-51

Secret police Bill C-51 will introduce unprecedented levels of surveillance on ordinary, innocent Canadians. Got a problem with that? Speak out at

Article by Michael Geist for The Hill Times

As witnesses line up to warn about the dangers associated with Bill C-51, Canada’s anti-terrorism bill, it is increasingly clear that the proposed legislation is an unprecedented undermining of Canadian privacy protection. Much of the focus on the bill has related to oversight: the government implausibly claims that it increases oversight (it does not), the Liberals disappointingly say they support the bill but would like better oversight, and much of the NDP criticism has also centered on oversight. Yet with respect to privacy and Bill C-51, lack of oversight is only a part of the problem.

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Come work with us!

Are you passionate about saving the open Internet? What to work with an innovative, nimble, amazing team? Then should really consider applying to work with OpenMedia.

OpenMedia is an award-winning grassroots group that fights for the possibilities of the open Internet. We empower people to participate in Internet governance through fresh and engaging citizen campaigns. We’re changing the face of digital policy by activating the largest online supporter base in Canada, and bringing the global pro-Internet community together through the newly-launched OpenMedia International.

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