Alphabeatic: Canada, U.S. score a ‘meh’ in broadband, LTE reports

Reports show one more time that Canada is falling way behind on Internet connectivity. Are you ready to do something about it?

Article by Peter Nowak for Alphabeatic

A couple of new international connectivity reports released this week show Canada and the United States to be middle-of-the-pack. Depending on perspective, that means the two countries are either doing so-so or falling behind. Neither suggests either country is a leader by any stretch.

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Why Margaret Atwood and over 220 artists are speaking up about Bill C-51

This piece by our David Christopher was originally published by Ricochet Media

Years of irresponsible government policies and message control have left a serious chill on free expression in Canada. From a crippled access to information system, to the muzzling of privacy experts and federal scientists, the Harper government has been operating under extreme secrecy, while placing innocent Canadians under the microscope with mass surveillance.

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Macleans: Atwood and top Canadian artists call for repeal of C-51

Just weeks before the election, this intervention by top Canadian artists, led by Margaret Atwood, is sure to stir up the debate on C-51. Let's keep up the momentum by speaking up for repeal of C-51 and a positive Digital Future at

Article by Laura Payton for Maclean's Magazine
A group of  Canadian artists say they’ll cast ballots on Oct. 19 for whomever will repeal Bill C-51, the controversial law that dramatically increased the power of Canada’s spy agencies.

In an open letter provided to Maclean’s, author Margaret Atwood, singer-songwriter Dan Mangan, filmmaker Don McKellar and writer Thomas King set out their concerns with C-51 on behalf of 220 Canadian artists. C-51 became law last June.

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Toronto Star: Bridging Toronto’s real digital divide

It turns out more choice = more savings in Canada's broadband Internet market. But there's a catch – the digital divide isn't just rural/remote vs. urban anymore. Check out how over 70% of people in Canada's largest city are being left behind when it comes to super-fast fibre Internet. And be sure to demand fast, affordable, world-class Internet for 100% of Canadians at

Article by Peter Nowak for the Toronto Star

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