5 simple steps to stop secret police Bill C-51

Challenge accepted?

How far can you go to help stop reckless, dangerous, and ineffective secret police legislation, Bill C-51? Follow these five easy steps to get as many Canadians as possible to add their names to the growing petition against this unprecedented to our future.

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Bell president steps down after Canadians stand against Big Telecom’s manipulation #Time2GoKevin

It is being reported that Bell president Kevin Crull has stepped down after Canadians – including thousands of OpenMedia community members – used social media to stand against Big Telecom’s manipulation of Bell-owned CTV News in the #Time2GoKevin campaign. The Globe and Mail reports that Bell announced Crull’s departure after he “...attempted to interfere in news coverage of a recent regulatory decision at networks owned by the company.”

At the end of March, Crull was caught meddling in CTV News coverage of CRTC decisions promising Canadians more affordable and flexibility in telecom options. Allegedly, Crull went as far as banning Chair Jean Pierre Blais from appearing on the network’s evening newscasts.

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PressProgress: The government just doesn't get it on C-51

We can't think of a time that we've seen Canadians from all political stripes so united. Tell the government to back down from secret police Bill C-51 at 

Article by PressProgress

So much for consensus.

The Conservatives appear set to ignore calls for greater, "independent" oversight of Bill C-51 -- the "near universal" recommendation made by witnesses to the House public safety committee.

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Let's stop secret police Bill C-51 for good

Wow! More than half a million people will see our #StopC51 message. Have you joined the Thunderclap yet?

Join the Week of Education to Stop Secret Police Bill C-51

The government is about to ram through a reckless, dangerous and ineffective "secret police" law called Bill C-51.
From April 13th to April 20th people across Canada will step up for a Week of Education to Stop C-51. Any activity that helps educate your fellow residents of Canada is welcome: Petitions, letter writing, social media outreach, marches, forums, flyering, canvassing etc.. Let's grow the numbers in opposition.  

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