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Check out this map to know how many Internet users there are in each country!

In this curious global map, the world is not as it seems. Just take a look at how massive Japan and the UK look in comparison to teeny-weeny Nordic countries Norway, Sweden, and Finland.  Read more »

Toronto Star: Misdialed fax number lead to privacy breach

A privacy breach is obviously a dangerous thing, but it becomes very strange when it comes form a fax machine. Is this the way we send secure documents?

Article by Richard J. Brennan for the Toronto Star

The Liberal government is blaming a misdialed fax machine for a privacy breach affecting hundreds of Ontario Disability Support Program recipients.

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Confirmed: We didn't need Bill C-51

Before C-51, laws and arrangements often allowed for the sharing of information for national security purposes. C-51 adopts an excessive approach that will harm online innovation, political discourse and our civil liberties. Speak out to get it repealed at

Article by The Canadian Press for CBC

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Measure the health of Canada’s Internet and... win an awesome gaming rig?

Over the past couple months, our small team at OpenMedia has been helping get the word out on a big project designed to measure the health of Canada’s Internet: CIRA’s Internet Performance Tool.

But today, our friends at CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) have partnered with NCIX, a major Canadian retailer of computer components, to bring you an awesome contest – and we thought you might want to know about it.

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The Great Canadian Petition Drive to Kill C-51: Your chance to win a pro-privacy prize pack!

Prominent Canadians have been speaking out for months against Bill C-51, dangerous legislation that puts law-abiding Canadians under the government’s microscope. Our petition to KillC51 is almost at 280,000 signatures - and continues to climb higher each day. With your help, we can make it past 300,000! Read more »

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