Less than 24 Hrs remain to have your contributions matched! Demand a Fair Deal!

Only 24 hours remain to have your contributions matched for our special ad campaign calling on US Trade Rep Michael Froman to reject provisions of the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement that will infringe on our fundamental rights!

Please donate what you can today:

For more information on this time-limited opportunity, please see our previous blog post at:

Thank you to everyone who has already donated to this campaign! Read more »

This won't last

You won’t believe this. We just found out that anti-Internet lobbyists are hosting happy hour parties in Washington to increase their influence over key TPP decision makers.1 They’re sipping cocktails and literally making their careers out of criminalizing our day-to-day Internet use.

But we have a unique opportunity to push back if we act fast...

A generous supporter has just announced that they’ll provide matching funds for contributions made in the next 48 hours toward our special campaign ad. We need you to chip in right now so we can unlock time-limited matching funds and stand strong against this global threat to the open Internet. Read more »

Privacy commissioner: Federal government should change privacy legislation to protect against breaches of private data

This is appalling: "Currently, officials can request data, including Internet Service Provider details, telephone numbers and email addresses, from nearly any Canadian company without a warrant..."

We need privacy safeguards to stop government bureaucrats from accessing our sensitive private information -- call for it here:

Article by Laura Kane for The Toronto Star:

Canada’s privacy watchdog is calling on the federal government to lift a “veil of secrecy” from 13-year-old privacy legislation, to force companies to publicly report when they release personal data. Read more »

Privacy Commissioner admits Bill C-30 would have given police powers to access your information

You were right, Canada - it's official! According to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, the government's online spying plan, Bill C-30, would have provided access to your sensitive private information. We beat it together!

But as we rejoice, please remember our privacy is still under threat. Help us spread the word & share this campaign with everyone you know:

Article by Jim Bronskill for The Canadian Press:

OTTAWA - The Harper government's recent bid to give police more information about Internet users would have unlocked numerous revealing personal details — from web-surfing habits to names of friends, says a new study by the federal privacy watchdog. Read more »

PM Harper talks to Peruvian President Humala about the secretive TPP

Prime Minister Harper has met with Peruvian President Humala to discuss the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, among other issues. It is so important that we continue to send a clear message to our government as talks are reaching a conclusion: Please reject copyright proposals that will infringe on our fundamental rights. Demand a Fair Deal:

Article from Arab News:

OTTAWA: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper heads to Peru and Colombia on a two-day visit beginning tomorrow to bolster trade with Latin America and beyond. Read more »

Don't Let Trade Shut Down the Internet | Weekly News Update from


Here's Arielle with your update:

Watch Arielle's video update to hear this week's news. This week, International organizations have banded together to form the Our Fair Deal International Coalition, advocating for a fair deal to come out of TPP negotiations. As it stands, proposed copyright provisions in the TPP threaten our access to knowledge and would shut down our Internet. Raise your voice for a fair deal at Read more »

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