Political momentum building against the government’s online spying legislation

It looks like momentum is building against the government’s new online spying legislation. This afternoon, the official opposition NDP issued a statement calling on the government to ensure that legislation aimed at tackling the important issue of cyberbullying does not become a government free-for-all when it comes to scooping up the private, sensitive information of law-abiding Canadians.

The government’s dangerous new online spying legislation, known as Bill C-13, is supposedly aimed at tackling the serious issue of cyberbullying. However it contains just 2.5 pages aimed at cyberbullying. The rest of the Bill - a whopping 65 pages - focuses on making it easier for the government to spy on the online activities of Canadians at any time and without a warrant. Read more »

Topics: Online Spying community member speaks out against Bell's anti-competitive behaviour community member Ben Klass filed a complaint with the CRTC about Bell's anti-competitive behaviour.

From The Huffington Post Canada:

Bell Mobility is facing a consumer complaint at the CRTC alleging it marks up the cost of online content by as much as 800 per cent compared to what it charges for its own content. Read more »

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Carleton Professor Criticizes Canadian Telecom Industry, Gets Twitter Account Suspended

Not gonna lie... this freaked me out a little bit. According to Professor Dwayne Winseck — aka "mediamorphis" on Twitter and on HowardForums, a post I made on HowardForums might be implicated in the suspension of his Twitter account last weekend.

That post can be found here.

Professor Winseck spoke at the International Institute of Communications Canada Conference in Ottawa last week. Here's Ben Klass on how it went:

I also got to hear Dwayne Winseck talking about how Free Mobile has virtually wiped out contracts in France and how T-Mobile’s gotten rid of data roaming in the States. He was wondering why we haven’t got any of that pretty awesome new stuff here in Canada. I think that part made some people nervous.

Read more »

Conservative senator joins calls for greater oversight of spy agency CSEC

This senator describes current oversight of ultra-secretive spy agency CSEC as a "non-system of zero legislative accountability". is standing with the BC Civil Liberties Association against mass spying on innocent Canadians at anytime, without a warrant. Learn more at

From The Canadian Press:

OTTAWA – Conservative Sen. Hugh Segal says it’s “deeply problematic” that Canada lacks a full-fledged national security committee of parliamentarians to keep an eye on spy agencies. Read more »

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