Video: An OpenMedia supporter speaks out against the TPP & Internet censorship

We're so amazed to see how many people are speaking out against the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership's (TPP) extreme Internet Censorship plan. Over 100,000 people have spoken out already - and we wanted to share this great video made by an OpenMedia supporter in defence of Internet freedom.

Thank you to Anthony Mayfield for making this video - and for speaking out!

Huffington Post Canada: When it comes to the TPP, what is our government negotiating in Asia?

Our government representatives are headed to Asia this week to discuss the ultra-secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership - an agreement that could break our digital future. Isn't it time we learned the full extent of how the #TPP will impact us?

Learn more about the TPP at - and if you haven't already, add your voice and say NO to Internet Censorship at

Article by Daniel Tencer for The Huffington Post Canada: Read more »

Big Telecom is officially taking Canada to court

We have just received word that the federal Court of Appeal has officially granted Big Telecom permission to take Canada to court over new customer-friendly rules laid out in June by the CRTC. This means that Canada’s three Big Telecom giants will appear before one of our highest courts and attempt to overturn important parts of the CRTC’s new rules for your cell phone service.

This is outrageous – especially given that Canadians already pay some of the highest prices for some of the worst service in the industrialized world. You may recall that earlier this year the CRTC took a meaningful step forward in protecting us from price-gouging telecom giants by announcing new rules that ended 3 year contracts, capped roaming data fees, and made it easier to switch to new providers. Read more »

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Huffington Post Canada: Even NHL stars are having issues with Big Telecom

Even hockey stars can't catch a break with Big Telecom.

Tell Industry Minister Moore to rein in these telecom gatekeepers:

From The Huffington Post Canada:

Ottawa Senators star defenceman Erik Karlsson might make $6.5 million a year and is probably one of the most gifted players in the NHL, but that doesn't mean that he can get good service from his internet service provider. Read more »

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Daily Digital Digest for Thursday October 3, 2013

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