UBB Hearing Report from the Pro-Internet Community's Andrew Moore

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Andrew Moore, long-time member of the pro-Internet community and's Digital Action Team, gives a video update on the usage-based billing hearings happening this week:

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Geist: What is so undemocratic about allowing a few companies to control the Net?

By Michael Geist

The second day of the CRTC hearing on usage based billing left the Commission with three fairly divergent views on Canadian networks, traffic management, and the wholesale tariff (coverage from the Globe,, Wire Report). While Bell focused on network congestion in its presentation on the first day, the cable providers and independent ISPs provided a much different perspective, focusing instead on incentives to invest (cable) and competition (independent ISPs). Read more »

NDP post confirms their opposition to invasive online spying bills

The NDP published a blog post today condemning proposed online spying legislation -- known as "Lawful Access" bills C-50, C-51, and C-52. The stated NDP position supports that of over 41,000 people from pro-Internet community, who have signed a petition against the bills at Read more »

The CRTC's Over-the-top 'Fact Finding Mission': Key Submissions

By Adam Webb and Alex Ly for

For the second time in two years the CRTC has requested submissions from concerned parties on the increasing prevalence of over-the-top (OTT) services. Read more »

Edmonton Journal: Internet providers slow speeds, researcher says

By Jason Magder for Edmonton Journal

Canadian Internet providers have purposely or accidentally slowed down the speeds of its customers dozens of times in the last two years, and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has done little to stop this practice, an industry researcher has found. Read more »

iPolitics: Competing views on internet billing clash at CRTC

By Elizabeth Thompson for iPolitics

Conflicting views over how Canadians should pay for internet usage clashed before the CRTC Monday, as the commission heard a new round of arguments over how small internet service providers should be billed for the bandwidth use of their customers. Read more »

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