Leaving the backdoor open: Is the government putting your personal data at risk?

Giant. Unsecured. Data registries.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that secretive government agencies are intercepting our personal data.

Our government has become notorious for how badly it handles data. In an article bluntly titled Your information is not secure, law professor Michael Geist wrote that the federal government “may represent the biggest risk to the privacy of millions of Canadians”, following disturbing revelations of a massive number of data breaches – of which many went unreported.

Your information is not secure. Read more »

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Why it’s ridiculous that Canada’s Big Telecom giants are going to Federal Court to delay new cell phone rules

As you probably know, the Big Three mobile providers, joined by SaskTel and MTS, have announced they are taking on the CRTC and Canadians in court to delay much-welcomed changes to cell phone contract lengths.

Why? In response to popular demand from Canadians, the CRTC created rules that will limit contracts to two years. They set the unambitious and entirely reasonable start date of December 2013 for all new contracts and June 2015 for all existing contracts. Despite the fact that Bell, Rogers, and Telus are making record profits and were given two years to prepare, they’re still determined to lock Canadians into expensive contracts as long as they can. Read more »

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This Vancouver startup wants to bring ultrafast Internet to Canada

A Canadian startup says it will be offering fibre Internet at a speed of one gigabit per second - 60 times faster than the Canadian average - with no bandwidth caps for a competitive price. Sounds promising - and experts say "there's no reason why it can't work".

Article by Emily Chung for CBC News:

A new Vancouver-based internet provider says it will be offering fibre internet at a speed of one gigabit per second — 60 times faster than the Canadian average — for a comparable price to that lumbering average connection. Read more »

CBC News: Big Telecom challenges the Canada's Cell Phone Code of Conduct

We've had some great feedback from our community about the recent move by Big Telecom to challenge the ‎CRTC Code of Conduct for cell phones in Canada. Here's our own Steve Anderson on CBC News discussing the implications of Big Telecom's challenge for Canadians.

Share this video and speak out:

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Vancouver Sun: Canada’s wireless carriers challenge CRTC code

Here's some great coverage of our own Steve Anderson talking about the Big Three-led push-back against new citizen-friendly cell phone rules.

Article by Gillian Shaw for the Vancouver Sun:

Will Canadian wireless customers who sign a three-year contract before this December 2 be able to walk away from them in June, 2015, less than two years later?

That’s the question that seems to be at the crux of today’s motion filed by a group of Canada’s wireless carriers led by Telus, Bell and Rogers, with the Federal Court of Appeal seeking to overturn some provisions of the CRTC’s wireless code of conduct. Read more »

E.U. slashes roaming fees while Big Telecom in Canada tries to delay the implementation of the CRTC Code

Here in Canada, Big Telecom is taking Canadians to court to try to delay the end of expensive 3-year contracts until nearly 2017. Meanwhile, over in Europe, the E.U. has forced cell phone networks to dramatically slash the cost of roaming fees between E.U. members.

If you believe Big Telecom's gross sense of entitlement in Canada must end, share this image & speak out at:

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Article from The Huffington Post UK:

The cost of using a mobile phone abroad will be slashed from today under new EU rules.

A price cap on downloading data means looking at maps, checking emails and sending pictures while travelling in EU countries will be 36% cheaper, and 91% cheaper compared to 2007. Read more »

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