How Northern and Rural Canadians are saying no to high-cost telecom

While it’s no longer shocking to most that Canadians pay some of the highest prices for some of the worst cell phone service in the industrialized world, what’s often less talked about is the internal disparity in pricing and service provision between varying communities within Canada.

Residents living in rural and remote communities can face broadband Internet costs that are up to three to five times higher than in southern urban centres. To make matters worse, such high price tags buy only a fraction of the download capacity available in the south. Read more »

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Top three ways OpenMedia’s Lindsey Pinto has helped save the open Internet


OpenMedia supporters know that the incredible Lindsey Pinto has been an integral part of our efforts to safeguard the open and affordable Internet in Canada. Read more »

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A big THANK YOU to our community who have started speaking out to help shape the future of our work!

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Your CIRA vote will help shape the future of Canada’s Internet

Did you know that Canada’s Internet is democratically governed? The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), is a non-profit organization that manages the dot-ca registry and addresses many of the day-to-day challenges facing the Internet in Canada.

Every year, CIRA holds elections and, just like electing a politician to represent your views about how the country should be run, you can elect the CIRA board to represent your views about how the country's Internet should be run. Read more »

NunatsiaqOnline: Canadian company Arctic Fibre Inc. ready to start construction on trans-continental fibre optic line

This Canadian company is going to build a London-to-Tokyo fibre optic line. Thank you to reddit user TheOneInTheHat for bringing this to our attention.

Article by Jim Bell for NunatsiaqOnline:

Arctic Fibre Inc.’s ambitious marine cable builders took a group of Iqaluit community leaders to the Apex beach on the afternoon of Aug. 19 to let them view the landing spot they’ve chosen to connect Iqaluit to the company’s proposed London-to-Tokyo fibre optic line. Read more »

Questions are being raised about digital data rights upon an owner's death

You won't be leaving your coveted digital music collection to a loved one just yet.

Article by Tobi Cohen for Postmedia News:

Thinking of bequeathing your coveted music collection and extensive home library to a loved one after you’re gone?

If it’s on your iPod and Kobo as opposed to the Ikea shelving unit in the den, think again. Read more »

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