Here’s how we can create a new vision for sharing and collaborating online

“How do you plan to create rules that support the wishes of all the people using the Internet without consulting all of the people who use the Internet? Democratic process needs to be followed when dealing with any system or structure that is relied upon by this many people.”

This comment was put forward by an OpenMedia community member using our Digital Future tool last year, as ultra-secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations were coming to a crunch. Although we knew the TPP was bad, our worst fears were confirmed late last year when Wikileaks released shocking information exposing just how severe the TPP would be for our digital future. Read more »

Heartfelt thanks from us to you

We want to take a moment just to thank you and recognize all the progress our OpenMedia community has made recently.

Together we’ve delivered petitions, wrote letters to local newspapers, spread the word to our family and friends, and made our crowd-sourced rules into laws. We’d especially like to thank those of you who chose to make a special monthly commitment to Internet freedom by becoming an OpenMedia ally.

As you’ll see from our report back below, when a post-partisan community collaborates en masse, our voices amplify into a force that no decision-maker can ignore.

So take a look below, let it all sink in, and don’t be afraid to give yourself a pat on the back. You earned it. Read more »

Toronto Star: Ottawa imposes a lifelong gag order on bureaucrats who could shed light on CSEC spying

It looks like the government are growing desperate to stifle the growing debate about CSEC's spying on Canadians. Now they've imposed a lifelong gag order on bureaucrats who might shed light on what CSEC has been up to.

Article by Alex Boutilier for the Toronto Star

OTTAWA—Ottawa has slapped a life-long gag order on bureaucrats and lawyers working in a number of government agencies dealing with sensitive national security information.

The changes enacted Wednesday, and published in the Canada Gazette, reveal employees in 12 government divisions — five of which have been disbanded — are now subject to provisions under the Security of Information Act that permanently binds them to secrecy. Read more »

BoingBoing: It's time to stop using trade deals as a backdoor mechanism for Internet censorship

We've all heard about how powerful U.S. lobbyists are trying to ram through extreme Internet censorship rules in the TPP. They're piling on the pressure and holding smaller countries hostage to their demands. But here's proof that trade deals just don't need to be this way:

Article By Cory Doctorow for BoingBoing. Read more »

24 hours left to let decision-makers know where you stand

Time and time again, we’ve seen Canada’s pro-Internet community band together to demand that decision-makers move us toward open and affordable Internet access in Canada – not toward more control for Big Telecom. And today we find ourselves at another crucial juncture in this ongoing fight. We cannot let the CRTC get away with their lopsided consultation about the future of digital services. We need policies that help fix our dysfunctional telecom market instead of giving even more control to the big telecom conglomerates who already dominate 90% of it. Read more »

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