TPP signed: the ‘biggest global threat to the internet’ agreed, as campaigners warn TPP could bring huge new restrictions

The "biggest global threat to the internet" is a big statement to make. Unfortunately for all of us, it also happens to be based in fact.

Article by Andrew Griffin for the Independent

An agreement that some campaigners have called the “biggest global threat to the internet” has just been signed, potentially bringing huge new restrictions on what people can do with their computers. Read more »

Q&A: David Lyon talks about surveillance after Snowden

Do we really need to sacrifice our our rights to protect our security? Surveillance expert David Lyon says no, in a Q&A on his new book, Surveillance After Snowden.

Article by Ian MacLeod for the Ottawa Citizen

Two years ago, U.S. intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden began revealing the extent of electronic surveillance of citizens by the United States and its allies, including Canada. In his new book, Surveillance After Snowden, David Lyon, director of Queen’s University’s Surveillance Studies Centre, explores the implications of Snowden’s leaks and alternatives to a world increasingly controlled in ways even George Orwell did not imagine. Lyon spoke with the Citizen’s Ian MacLeod.

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Topics: Online Spying

NDP shows support for Canada’s Digital Future

This election, we’ve been focusing on the future of the Internet that Canadians need to build our digital economy. We crowdsourced our vision from over 250,000 Canadians, and have sent our platform, Canada’s Digital Future, to each of the party leaders.

OpenMedia has recently received a response from Thomas Mulcair on behalf of the NDP, supporting many of the aspects that we have highlighted in our plan.

Check out the NDP open letter responding to Canada’s Digital Future.

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Why is it so hard to convince people to care about privacy?

Do you care about privacy? How do you explain why digital privacy matters to your family or friends who think they have 'nothing to hide'?

Article by Cory Doctorow for The Guardian

On September 13, 2001, four US Senators from both sides of the aisle introduced the first version of the USA Patriot Act, a sweeping, 342-page bill that overturned virtually all US privacy laws and led to the creation of the global, pervasive surveillance programs that Edward Snowden disclosed in June 2013.

Topics: Online Spying

OpenMedia Helps Launch the Global Connect Initiative

At OpenMedia, we believe people can build a more connected and collaborative world through an Internet that is open and equally accessible to everyone. And promoting affordable access for the next 3 billion soon-to-be Internet users plays a huge role in this.

That’s why we signed on to a recent project called the Global Connect Initiative, led by the U.S. State Department. The new project was launched at a special event last Sunday at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City and aims to bring 1.5 additional people online by 2020. The launch event featured attendees including Dr. Jim Kim of the World Bank, the Presidents of Estonia and Tanzania, senior technology executives and global NGOs.

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