Motherboard: How First Nations Kids Built Their Own Internet Infrastructure

First Nations kids in Ontario found a solution to no high-speed, ridiculously expensive Internet service: they built their own infrastructure. Learn more below, and demand world-class Internet service for 100% of Canadians at

Article by Jordan Pearson for Motherboard

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National NewsWatch: Police demand access to your online records without a warrant

Despite Canadians' insistence that government agencies should require a search warrant to access citizens' personal information, the government is now considering doing the exact opposite. Speak up for our privacy now at

Article by Jim Bronksill for the Canadian Press

OTTAWA - A new administrative scheme that would allow police to obtain basic information about Internet subscribers without a warrant is one option being considered by federal officials following a landmark Supreme Court ruling that curbed access to such data, Canadian police chiefs say.

The glimpse into federal deliberations about how to address the highly influential court decision comes in a newly published background document from the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, which is urging the government to fill the legislative gap.

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Yahoo: Super-fast gigabit Internet service finally coming to (some) Canadians

Our own Josh Tabish explains in this article the importance of high-speed fibre Internet for all Canadians and why it took Canada so long to adopt this technology. 

Artice by Brian Chin for Yahoo News 

If you're tired of waiting for your TV shows or movies to finish downloading, you can now take advantage of Canada's fastest internet.

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CBC: Senate reports give a glimpse of potential future digital policies: Geist

The government's next round of anti-terror strategies include measures that extend far beyond Bill C-51. This election is our best chance to repeal Bill C-51. Join us and pledge your vote to ensure a surveillance-free digital future for all Canadians at

Article by Michael Geist for CBC News

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