Financial Post: More choice could add $1 billion to Canada's economy

Greater wireless choice could be a tremendous boon to Canada's economy, according to reports. Tell Industry Minister James Moore that Canadians want much greater choice in their wireless market at

Article by Christine Dobby for The Financial Post

Canada’s competition watchdog fired a shot at the wireless industry Thursday with a filing that alleges the economy would reap $1-billion in benefits per year if there were a fourth national cellphone carrier. This comes as one of France’s largest carriers expresses its own interest in the Canadian market. Read more »

Our pressure is working: Telus drops Mobilicity takeover

Some good news coming across the wire this morning: Telus has abandoned its effort to takeover the independent cell phone provider Mobilicity, and its valuable wireless spectrum assets.

Mobilicity is one of Canada’s few remaining independent mobile providers. Since their initial entry into the Canadian market in 2008, it has been difficult for independent providers to flourish (see the story of Public Mobile, or Mobilicity’s own rocky journey) in our dysfunctional marketplace dominated by the major incumbents Bell, Rogers, and Telus. Read more »

Vice: Opposition is Mounting Against the Conservatives' Surveillance-Friendly Cyberbullying Bill

Canadians from all walks of life are deeply concerned about how new legislation will affect their privacy, and are calling on the government to back off from creating new spying powers. Let them know what you think at

Article by Justin Ling for Vice

The Conservatives have had the misfortune of getting called out repeatedly in committee, as Members of Parliament heard from witnesses on Bill C-13: a piece of legislation that has earned the dubious honour of being criticized by the Boys and Girls Club of Canada. Read more »

Topics: Online Spying

CBC: Revenue Canada may soon be able to disclose info without warrant

The government seems intent on undermining Canadians' privacy at every turn: now they've introduced legislation to allow law enforcement warrantless access to your tax information. Think that's ridiculous? Sound off at

Article by Trinh Theresa Do for The CBC

Chantal Bernier, Canada's interim privacy commissioner, says she is concerned by the government's proposal to allow Canada Revenue Agency officials to voluntarily hand over taxpayer information to police if they have reason to believe such information is evidence of a crime. Read more »

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