CBA National: What's really being traded here?

Is Canada trading away oversight and sovereignty in huge, secretive international trade deals like the TPP?

Article by Justin Ling for CBA National

With the Harper Government aggressively pursuing a spate of new trade deals, there’s unease that all of the moving parts will produce some unintended consequences. Read more »

This Conservative MP thought he could pull the wool over the eyes of Canadians about government spying. It’s not working

Sometimes it’s not hard to understand why so few Canadians trust their politicians. Case in point: Kevin Sorenson, government MP and Minister of State for Finance.

Earlier this year, a number of Mr Sorenson’s constituents wrote to him to express concerns about the reckless actions of government spy agency CSEC. His constituents had a simple request: they asked Mr Sorenson to make a pro-privacy pledge to safeguard their privacy against intrusion by government agencies like CSEC.

Wired: Snowden's long road to becoming a whistleblower

Have you ever wondered what it was like for Edward Snowden to decide to blow the whistle on the NSA? Read. This. Article.

Article by James Bamford for Wired

The message arrives on my “clean machine,” a MacBook Air loaded only with a sophisticated encryption package. “Change in plans,” my contact says. “Be in the lobby of the Hotel ______ by 1 pm. Bring a book and wait for ES to find you.” ES is Edward Snowden, the most wanted man in the world. For almost nine months, I have been trying to set up an interview with him—traveling to Berlin, Rio de Janeiro twice, and New York multiple times to talk with the handful of his confidants who can arrange a meeting.

Among other things, I want to answer a burning question: What drove Snowden to leak hundreds of thousands of top-secret documents, revelations that have laid bare the vast scope of the government’s domestic surveillance programs? In May I received an email from his lawyer, ACLU attorney Ben Wizner, confirming that Snowden would meet me in Moscow and let me hang out and chat with him for what turned out to be three solid days over several weeks. Read more »

Topics: Online Spying

Keep Big Telecom's hands off our net

Decision-makers at the CRTC are undertaking a crucial consultation1 that could profoundly impact digital services in Canada – including how we use the Internet.

For too long now, Canadians have watched our global counterparts surpass us when it comes to accessing exciting, affordable, and innovative digital services. But this CRTC hearing could be our chance to change all of that.

That’s why we're giving you an opportunity to have your voice heard in this process. We need you to give us your thoughts so we can put your concerns straight into the hands of decision-makers at the CRTC hearing in just a few weeks.

Click here now to let us know what you think the future of digital services should look like in Canada. We’re counting on you! Read more »

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