Anyone who cares about the Internet should be concerned about the TPP

Our own Christopher Malmo tells you why the ultra-secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) could break our digital future - and why you shouldn't believe U.S. statements about the so-called benefits of this agreement being negotiated behind closed doors.

Article by Christopher Malmo for Vice Canada:

Back in October 2013, Wikileaks released an important draft chapter of what's likely the biggest 'trade' agreement you've barely heard of. It's called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and it's essentially SOPA raised from the dead and stitched to a bloated version of NAFTA. Read more »

Why it’s more important than ever to push for authentic wireless choice

Yesterday, we learned that Wind Mobile pulled out of a crucial auction for wireless assets - assets that are crucial to the future of our cell phone market - only a day before it was set to begin.

Canadians hoped that the government’s spectrum auction which begins today would result in lower prices and improved choice for Canadians. Wind’s withdrawal from the auction has dealt a serious blow to those hopes - and a renewed call for Industry Minister James Moore to end the government’s piecemeal approach to fixing Canada’s broken wireless market by reining in Big Telecom once and for all.

Here’s what you need to know about the auction - and how Canadians are reacting online to the news. Read more »

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This company could start using its power as an ISP to stifle choice

Is this big telecom company trying to block the growth of a service more and more Canadians are enjoying?

As more Canadians cut the cord, the idea that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can control how you use the Internet in order to boost their own profits is very worrying.

Article by Daniel Tencer for The Huffington Post Canada:

As telecom giant Rogers reportedly prepares to launch its own competitor to Netflix, a prominent tech expert is warning such moves may lead to a “two-tier” internet, where some content is favoured over others.

Michael Geist, the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-Commerce Law at the University of Ottawa, is warning that the “net neutrality” debate of several years ago is their own online content, and are exempting that content from the gig caps they’ve established. Read more »

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Could tomorrow's auction be the next step to fix our broken wireless market?

Starting tomorrow morning, the government will be auctioning off vital wireless resources - the spectrum that mobile devices need to communicate. Big Telecom currently owns 85% of the spectrum pie - but thanks to you speaking out, decision-makers are finally taking notice of the need for wireless choice and lower prices.

Check out this brief video about the auction beginning tomorrow (featuring our own Steve Anderson) and let's keep at it until we win!

Read more »

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