Join us tomorrow to help build a more Connected Canada!

Tomorrow, Canadians across the country are working to help build a more connected Canada by sharing their ideas, strategies, and solutions to build a better digital future for us all.

You have two ways to be part of the conversation:

1. Join a local event near you - click here for event listings
2. If there isn't one in your area, don't worry! You can join us online!

Your team will be online on Facebook, Google+, Twitter (using #ConnectedCanada), and Reddit Canada from 3-5pm EST (12-2pm PST) to hear what you have to say. We'll be posting all the details for how you can join us first thing tomorrow..

Now, be sure to check out what's Danielle has to say about how we can build a more connected future below - and learn more at

We look forward to connecting with you tomorrow!

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CSEC spying could deal a huge blow to Canadian commerce

Spying by ultra-secretive spy agency CSEC could deal a potential blow to Canadian global commerce.

Article Ian Macleod for the Ottawa Citizen:

OTTAWA — A potential major blow to Canadian global commerce looms under proposed European legislation curbing the transfer of personal data to Canada and other countries involved with the unprecedented U.S.-led cyber-surveillance of the world’s citizens. Read more »

Why Canadians should care about the (near) death of the open Internet in the U.S.

Last week, three D.C. judges made a game-changing legal decision, that would allow giant media conglomerates to block or slow down any content they want on their networks. The judges struck down a 2010 order from the FCC (America’s telecom policymaker - their equivalent of our CRTC) that forced U.S. Internet providers to abide by “net neutrality” rules that forbid them from blocking or slowing online content.

Much has been made about the FCC’s decision in the media - but couched within the court details, the technicalities, and the jargon is one important point: This decision could be beginning of the end of the open Internet in the U.S. Read more »

BREAKING: Personal, sensitive information of over 620,000 Albertans stolen

Stolen data includes health care numbers and dates of birth. Any resident who believes he or she may be affected by the theft should contact Medicentres Family Health Care Clinics.

From CBC News:

A laptop with the personal health information of 620,000 Albertans was stolen last September, Health Minister Fred Horne announced Wednesday.

The laptop contained the name, date of birth, provincial health card numbers, billing codes and diagnostic codes of the individuals. Read more »

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