Thank you for helping to shape our Digital Future

Thousands of you have participated in our crowdsourcing project for sharing and collaborating in the 21st century - and we want to say a huge Thank You from all of us here at OpenMedia. If you've still to take part - don't miss out: go to today, and let all your friends know you've helped shape our Digital Future by sharing this graphic.

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Torrent Freak: The Connection Between the Copyright Industry and the NSA

Article by Rick Falkvinge for Torrent Freak

As I described in a previous column, the copyright monopoly cannot be enforced without mass surveillance. There is no way to tell a private conversation in a digital environment from a monopolized audio file being transferred, not without actually looking at what’s being transferred. At that point, the secrecy of correspondence has been broken and mass surveillance introduced.

The copyright industry has been continuously and relentlessly pushing for more mass surveillance, including surveillance of citizens who aren’t under any suspicion (“mass surveillance”) for this reason. They defended the now-illegal Data Retention Directive, which logs everybody’s communications and location all the time (specifically including yours), as well as similar initiatives. Read more »

3 things you need to know about sharing and collaborating online

With Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks intensifying, it’s becoming clearer and clearer why we simply can’t passively rely on unelected lobbyists and bureaucrats to negotiate a fair deal when it comes to our Internet freedom. That’s why it’s more important than ever that we seize this opportunity to propose an alternative framework for sharing and collaboration online.

After all, history has shown us that it’s much more constructive in the long run to organize for something than against it. And history has also shown us that change usually doesn't occur unless citizens take the initiative for themselves.

That’s exactly what we did when we set out to crowdsource our positive vision for free expression online. The response has been overwhelming with over 20,000 people from over 100 countries taking the time to provide detailed input on how we can create balanced new rules for sharing and collaboration online. While the final results of our crowdsourcing initiative aren’t ready just yet, here are three eye opening discoveries that you need to know right now. Read more »

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Ottawa’s spying on Canadians has no place in free society

Canadian government surveillance is expensive and out-of-control, argues our Steve Anderson in the Toronto Star. It's time for the government to take responsibility and defend online privacy, instead of pushing through legislation that makes it easier for government agencies to spy on us. What do you think?

Article by Steve Anderson for The Toronto Star

If you’ve ever done anything that you don’t want to share with the world then you should be concerned. Read more »

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Have YOUR say on how we share and collaborate in the 21st century

Have you ever thought to yourself, "hey, I wish I could help shape our Digital Future"? Well today's your lucky day! Go to and use our drag and drop tool to share your vision for how we should share and collaborate in the 21st century.

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