Tech Vibes: Metadata can be even more revealing than eavesdropping

Last week, we discovered that Canadian Telecom giants revealed subscribers' sensitive personal information nearly 19,000 times in a single year. What exactly is so revealing about the data that telecom companies are handing over to law enforcement agencies without a warrant? And how will the government's Bill C-13 make it even easier for telecoms to expose your private information? Find out in the story below.

Article by Mark Stone for Tech Vibes

Information made public last week revealed some scary stats about the Canada Border Services Agency and the data they can easily obtain about us. NDP opposition MP Charmaine Borg forced the release of a sobering disclosure about our border services agents: they made almost 19,000 requests for customer information to telecommunications companies in the span of a single year. Read more »

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Province of Ontario: Ontario creates powerful protections for wireless consumers

It's a win for Canadians and for our community! The Ontario government has enshrined consumer protections for wireless customers in law, introducing caps on contract cancellation fees and requiring Telecoms to advertise their prices more accurately. This significant decision was made possible by our monthly allies, who helped us work together to create a Cell Phone service roadmap directly cited by the government. To become a monthly Open Media ally, please go to

Article from Ontario Ministry of Services

Ontario's wireless and cell phone consumers will now get clear information and fewer surprises when they enter into cell phone and wireless services contracts. Read more »

Your letters about privacy are getting published from coast to coast

This is amazing! Canadians from coast to coast have used our Letter-to-the-Editor tool to successfully publish letters in 30 major Canadian newspapers. Check them out below.

Clearly this government has it all wrong when it comes to respecting our right to privacy.

That’s the message coming across again and again in newspaper letter pages right across Canada. It looks like Canadians are fed up with repeated government attempts to invade our privacy - whether through their reckless spy agency CSEC or through Justice Minister MacKay’s new Online Spying Bill C-13. Read more »

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Yahoo Finance: Canadian online video consumption, premium pricing on a collision course

Canadians want lower prices and more data from their wireless providers, but price-gouging Big Telecom giants have other ideas. Something's got to give - speak out:

Article by Carmi Levy for Yahoo Finance

Canadian wireless consumers could be headed toward a digital collision. Read more »

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