The Ryan and Amy Show tackles surveillance issues with a catchy music video

Check out this great video by The Ryan and Amy Show. Do you always feel like somebody's watching you too? You can learn more about Canada's largest pro-privacy coalition at

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Topics: Online Spying

CBC: CSEC watchdog has no bark or bite

Intelligence experts have a few things to say when it comes to overseeing the activities of ultra-secretive spy agency CSEC's activities -- and poor record-keeping is the least of it.// Canadians deserve accountability when it comes to the reckless collection and storing of their private, sensitive information.

Learn how and the BCCLA are taking a stand for Canadians at

Article by Greg Weston for CBC:

The revelation that a little-known Canadian intelligence operation has been electronically spying on trading partners and other nations around the world, at the request of the U.S. National Security Agency, has critics wondering who's keeping an eye on our spies. Read more »

Topics: Online Spying

CBC: Complaint against Bell alleges company is breaking the rules

Here's more on how Bell may be giving itself a leg up to make the Internet more expensive -- for everyone.

It's time for Industry Minister Moore to take a stand and rein in these big telecom gatekeepers at

Article by Kazi Stastna for CBC News:

Large telecommunications companies like Bell and Rogers that own much of the content we consume and almost all of the networks we use to consume it are shaping the way Canadians use the internet to give themselves an unfair advantage in the growing marketplace of video streaming, a complaint to the CRTC suggests.

The complaint, filed Nov. 22 with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission by University of Manitoba graduate student Benjamin Klass, centres on Bell Mobility's Mobile TV service. Read more »

Canada's laws should be equipped to deal with 21st century mass surveillance technologies

Between a rock and a hard place. That's how these experts describe the state of Canada's communications data.

Article by Lisa M. Austin, Heather Black, Michael Geist, Avner Levin, and Ian Kerr for the National Post:

Over the past six months, the steady stream of disclosures from former U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden has revealed a massive surveillance infrastructure that seemingly touches all Internet and telephone communication across the globe. Read more »

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