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Intern Chronicle #3: Ethernet Bicycle

In this week's Intern Chronicle: more bicycles, orientation, printing, rain, and not much more!

Internet access jeopardized by funding cuts

The digital divide is alive and well in Canada, and government cuts are making it even wider. All Canadians deserve open and affordable access to the Internet in the 21st century, but rural and disadvantaged communities don't enjoy the same access to highspeed Internet services that many of us in big cities take for granted.

Last month, the government cut funding for longstanding Community Access Programs (CAP) that provide Internet access to the public at libraries and community centres across Canada. Over half of low income Canadians do not have Internet access at home, and they rely on these programs to learn computing skills, look for jobs, and keep in touch with family. Read more »

Acting CRTC Chair Gives Thumbs Up to CGO

Yesterday acting CRTC Chair Leonard Katz mentioned the Canadian Gamers Organization efforts on Internet traffic management practices [ITMP]. A bit of a spelling mistake on our organizations name but we can live with that. While it’s nice to see our organization at the forefront of making a difference for consumers, it’s important to note that Rogers has yet to provide the requested exit strategy from ITMP the CRTC requested in February this year. Read more »

GigaOM: UN wants to take over management of the Internet

We’ve been fighting successfully with the pro-Internet community to keep the Internet free of government control, but a new challenge is lurking on the horizon; the UN’s International Telecommunications Union thinks that it should be in charge of managing the Internet. U.S. Representatives have expressed concern with this latest attempt to assert control over the Internet, but will their opposition be enough?

By Mathew Ingram for GigaOM

Even as Internet-control bills like SOPA and PIPA were making their way through the Senate and House of Representatives earlier this year (only to be short-circuited by public opinion), there was another potential firestorm brewing just beneath the surface — one that is expected to erupt in a matter of months in Dubai. That’s because the International Telecommunications Union, an arm of the United Nations, wants very much to take over management of the Internet, a plan that will be debated by member nations in Dubai. On Thursday, a bipartisan group of U.S. congressional officials said they will resist this attempt with everything they have. But will it be enough? Read more »

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Letter to Supporters: Who's on your side?

Thanks to you, over sixty MPs have said they will stand with Canadians against Vic Toews’ online spying plan. Find out which through the Pro-Privacy MP tool we created for you at

By sharing the video at and taking action, you raised a loud national call for every MP to stand with Canada against costly and invasive online spying. Thanks to you and the rest of the pro-Internet community, the video went viral and got national news coverage from CBC,1 among others.

The response so far has exceeded our expectations: Over sixty MPs have signed up as Pro-Privacy politicians. You can see exactly which MPs are on your side, and which are not, using our new pro-privacy MP display tool here:

Vic Toews, far from backing down, is pushing for a renewed multi-faceted scheme to erode Canadians’ online privacy rights: Toews has been working on a deal with the U.S. known as “Perimeter Security”, which could lead to the U.S. government having access to your private data.2 Additionally, the Federal Budget for this year includes a plan to cut funding to the watchdog responsible for overseeing Canada's spy agency, CSIS.3 Read more »

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