Ars Technica: Big Media trying to bring U.S.-style anti-piracy efforts to Canada

It's no secret that the Big Media lobby has been pushing for an Internet lockdown, with excessive restrictions on the way we use our own electronic services. Big Media has targeted Canadians' online choice through legislation like Copyright Bill C-11 and the trade agreements like the TPP, but those aren't the only fronts in the fight against an Internet lockdown.

Article by Timothy B. Lee for Ars Technica:

Anti-piracy efforts in the United States have been so successful that they should be imported to Canada. At least, that's the view of the Canadian Intellectual Property Council, an arm of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce that represents the interests of major content companies in Canada. A white paper urges Canadian policymakers to introduce domain seizures, criminal prosecutions and asset seizures of online sharing sites, and even SOPA-style regulation of intermediaries. Read more »

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Canada's next great CRTC chair

Canada has a new CRTC chair: Jean Pierre Blais. This five-year-long government appointment is set to take effect June 18. We wish Blais the best of luck in his new position, and hope that he will in fact turn out to be a champion of a strong digital future for Canada.

We were hoping to publish this blog post before the decision was made, but here’s a now-somewhat-late rundown of the contenders who could have been chair: in addition to the somewhat-unknown Jean Pierre Blais, interim chair Len Katz, and commissioners Tom Pentefountas and Timothy Denton had applied for the position.

I should note before proceeding that this write-up is flavoured by the bias I’ve gained in my capacity as Communications Manager here at We strongly believe that the best guarantee of an open Internet is policy-makers who value processes that are open, citizen-centered, and public-interest oriented. We also feel that the criteria for appointments to the CRTC should include significant experience in the public interest or consumer advocacy community. Read more »

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Pro-Privacy MPs: Weekly Update from


Here's Lindsey with your update:

Read more »

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Intern Chronicle #3: Ethernet Bicycle

In this week's Intern Chronicle: more bicycles, orientation, printing, rain, and not much more!

Internet access jeopardized by funding cuts

The digital divide is alive and well in Canada, and government cuts are making it even wider. All Canadians deserve open and affordable access to the Internet in the 21st century, but rural and disadvantaged communities don't enjoy the same access to highspeed Internet services that many of us in big cities take for granted.

Last month, the government cut funding for longstanding Community Access Programs (CAP) that provide Internet access to the public at libraries and community centres across Canada. Over half of low income Canadians do not have Internet access at home, and they rely on these programs to learn computing skills, look for jobs, and keep in touch with family. Read more »

Acting CRTC Chair Gives Thumbs Up to CGO

Yesterday acting CRTC Chair Leonard Katz mentioned the Canadian Gamers Organization efforts on Internet traffic management practices [ITMP]. A bit of a spelling mistake on our organizations name but we can live with that. While it’s nice to see our organization at the forefront of making a difference for consumers, it’s important to note that Rogers has yet to provide the requested exit strategy from ITMP the CRTC requested in February this year. Read more »

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