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Thanks to you and the rest of the OpenMedia community we helped stall the extreme Internet censorship plan called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) from being sealed last month. You joined over 120,000 who said NO! to Internet Censorship.

Now, recently leaked documents have revealed the full extent of an Internet censorship plan that would knock websites and whole families off the Internet.1

We held them off together but we knew they’d be back at it. Starting today, key government officials and industry lobbyists will meet in secret in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We’re prepared for this next stage in the fight. Donations from generous OpenMedia supporters have made it possible for us to build a powerful letter tool to amplify citizen voices right into local newspapers. It’s easy to use -- just enter your postal code, choose a paper and submit your written letter for publication. Read more »

rabble: The fight against the TPP is growing

What is Canada trading away when it comes to huge, extreme deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)?

Over 120,000 people have said NO to the #TPP's extreme Internet Censorship plan. Have you? Learn more at

Article by Stuart Trew for

A TPP cluster bomb dropped in Obama's lap this week. Read more »

CBC: Ex-Rogers customer takes stand against punitive cancellation fees

This former customer of big telecom company Rogers did everything right - and was still faced with punitive cancellation fees.

You too can take a stand at

From CBC News:

Rogers Communications has waived a contract cancellation fee for one Vancouver woman after a CBC News investigation discovered the charges were errant.

Susan Angel's three-year cellular service contract with Rogers expired at the end of October, but she knew long before then that she would be switching providers when the contract was up. Read more »

OpenMedia McGill is speaking out for their digital future!

You've said NO to Internet Censorship ( Now it's time for you to craft your digital future with our crowdsourced vision tool:

Here's one person speaking out for their digital future. Spread the word & share this image! Read more »

WOW! Over 120,000 people said NO to Internet Censorship in the TPP

An expert recently compared the TPP to Dracula - because it would not survive if it saw the light of day. So far, over 120,000 people have spoken out against the TPP's extreme Internet censorship plan, sending a strong message to decision-makers.

Let's make sure the comparison of the TPP to Dracula rings true!

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