This is the impact our voices are having!

Yesterday was quite a ride! In the morning it looked all but certain that C-51 would pass the Senate, but by the end of the day, after a long and passionate debate, the final vote got delayed until Tuesday.
The good folks at Hansard are out with the full transcript of yesterday's big Senate debate.
Here are some really great quotes that demonstrate the impact that all of the hard work put in by this amazing community is having:
Senator James Cowan (Leader of the Opposition): "There is also a website called, again with a petition. We have all received many letters and emails. I believe tens of thousands have been sent to parliamentarians."
Senator Lillian Eva Dyck: "Also, each and every one of us received hundreds and hundreds of emails from people across Canada. Each of us has been targeted by the provinces or territories that we represent that we should stop passage of this bill. We have received hundreds if not over a thousand email messages from Canadians urging us to prevent this."
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CONFIRMED: Final Senate C-51 vote delayed until Tuesday

It's now official: under pressure from Canadians, the Senate has delayed the final Bill C-51 vote until Tuesday at 5.30pm ET.

Well done everyone - listening in to the debate, it was clear that all your hard work is having a real impact.

Many senators referred to the deluge of emails, letters, tweets, and phone calls they were receiving from Canadians upset about this reckless legislation. As one senator pointed out: “We’ve all received many letters and emails - I believe tens of thousands have been sent to colleagues.” Read more »

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The Tyee: C-51 is Harper's tool to keep spreading fear

Experienced crime victims’ advocate Steve Sullivan on the open letter signed by conservative groups against Bill C-51, and how fear is the fuel that keeps Harper's government going. Keep speaking out Canada! It's never too late:

Article by Steve Sullivan 

Things are not going Stephen Harper's way. People aren't as scared as they used to be -- and fear is the fuel that keeps his government going.

Read more »

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