Propelling our Connected Future Forward

OpenMedia recently invited a group of leaders from the technology, philanthropy, and social enterprise community to discuss the future of the Internet.

Article by John Gray from Betakit.

Open Media recently invited a group of people from Vancouver’s technology, philanthropy, and social enterprise community to join an evening conversation entitled, “Propelling our Connected Future Forward.” Read more »

Reddit Firestorm: The future isn’t friendly for Canadian wireless customers

“Please stop buying your phones on contract. Rogers, Bell and Telus have got us over a barrel in this country and aside from government intervention, the only way we are able to turn the tables is to reclaim the ability to switch carriers easily.”

This is how today’s top post on Reddit Canada starts. Read more »

Our digital divide - only 62% of low-income households have Internet access

Our digital divide is as wide as ever. Only 62% of low-income households have Internet access.

Article by Sunny Freeman for Huffington Post Canada.

Canada is one of the most wired countries in the world, but a growing number of connected households is not helping to close a persistent digital divide, a new report suggests. Read more »

Topics: Affordability

Ben Klass on wireless carriers' high prices

As cell phone customers reel from yet another Big Telecom price hike, it seems like our wireless market is moving backwards not forwards. Telecom expert and OpenMedia community member Ben Klass asks what will it take for Canadians to get the greater choice and lower prices we deserve.

Article from Ben Klass' blog

Last week, Mobile Syrup reported that the big 3′s flanker brands, Virgin, Fido, and Koodo (including zombified competitor Public Mobile) would be raising prices on their wireless plans at the same time. Read more »

Topics: Affordability

New report: Canada falling further behind global counterparts on Internet access

This week, experts at the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) – the body that oversees Canada’s .ca domain – released their 2014 Factbook, which chronicles Canada’s advancement on Internet issues over the past year. The Factbook investigates how well-positioned Canadians are in the areas of access, cost, and usage.

The report shows Canada continues to slip further behind our global counterparts. For example, Canada has crashed from 2nd place in 2001 on broadband penetration amongst industrialized nations to 16th place in 2014. Read more »

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