CBC: Spy agencies "drowning in data"

Does mass surveillance, like the new laws the government proposed on Friday, actually make us safer? The answer may surprise you. 

Article by Amber Hildebrandt, Michael Pereira and Dave Seglins for The CBC

Mass trawling of internet data — as done by Canada's electronic spy agency in a project dubbed Levitation — can impede cyber spies in the hunt for extremists more than it helps, some security experts argue.

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Topics: Online Spying

Gigaom: Net neutrality violators just got smacked down

Could Canada lead the way in the fight for net neutrality? 

Article by David Meyer for Gigaom

The list of countries that find zero-rating to be a violation of net neutrality just keeps on growing, with Canada the latest to crack down on the practice.

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Topics: Affordability

Global: Canada's new anti-privacy law - the next great threat to free speech


Article by Anna Mehler Paperny for Global

Prime Minister Stephen Harper unveiled his government’s new counter-terror bill with dire warnings about the threats facing Canada from radical, freedom-hating groups on the other side of the world.

“A great evil has been descending on our world,” he said in Richmond Hill on Friday.

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AlphaBeatic: The making of an Internet activist

Thanks to community member Ben Klass, the CRTC ruled that Canadian wireless companies can't slow down competing services in favour of their own - a huge step towards securing mobile net neutrality in this country. Check out this great Q and A about what keeps Ben fighting for the open Internet.

Article by Peter Nowak for AlphaBeatic

Canadian regulators took a big step toward supporting net neutrality on Thursday with a ruling that bans wireless carriers from favouring their own content over others.

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Topics: Cell Phones

PressProgress: 5 ways your privacy could be threatened even more

This government has already proven itself untrustworthy when it comes to protecting Canadians' privacy rights. So what do we have to look forward to when they introduce a new anti-privacy law on Friday?

Article by PressProgress

Civil liberties and public safety.

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Topics: Online Spying

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