The Right to Link is at Risk

You’ve probably heard the old description of the Internet as a “series of tubes.” The quotation by U.S. Senator Ted Stevens made for a lot of laughs, but it wasn’t a great description: the Internet you and I browse in the form of the world wide web is better described as series of links.

Web content is hosted on one or more computers and then accessed by others. In the same way you might tell a friend about a new taco restaurant, a link tells your computer where to find a given piece of content. Without links to route everyone around the web, we wouldn’t have an Internet. They power Facebook, they power Google, they power your favorite blog, they power everything.

Links aren’t good or bad. They’re the online equivalent of roads, moving people around the Internet.

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LIVE: Edward Snowden and CJFE talk spying in Canada

WATCH LIVE: Edward Snowden and Canadian Journalists for Free Expression talk security, privacy, and the surveillance state in Canada with the CBC's Anna Maria Tremonti. You can also keep up with the questions with the #AskSnowden hashtag on Twitter.

Click here to watch the talk live from the CBC

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Don’t miss your chance to ask Edward Snowden a question

Big news: tomorrow at 9:00 AM Pacific time (12:00 PM Eastern), Edward Snowden and Canadian Journalists for Free Expression will be doing a live question and answer session with the CBC.

Since he blew the whistle on mass NSA spying on American citizens in 2013, Edward Snowden has received world-wide attention for fighting back against government surveillance. He is the subject of the Academy Award-winning documentary CitizenFour and Glenn Greenwald’s No Place to Hide.

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression is an organization that monitors, defends and reports on free expression and access to information in Canada and abroad. They have partnered with OpenMedia in the past on Internet Townhalls and Q&A sessions and are part of the Privacy Coalition.

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The Varsity: Academic freedom under threat

Could disagreeing with the government land scholars in hot water under Bill C-51?

Article by Kawmadie Karunanayake for The Varsity

For the average Netflix-watching, Tumblr-scrolling Internet user, Bill C-51 doesn’t pose much of a problem. Though the new anti-terror legislation would effectively limit privacy rights for all Canadians, most people need not be concerned about being secretly surveilled.

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