CBC: Justin Trudeau's promised overhaul of C-51 tops incoming security to-do list

The Liberals are feeling the pressure to deal with C-51. That's why we've officially invited Justin Trudeau to sit down and have an open discussion about ways to better protect the privacy of Canadians. Let's keep speaking up, Canada!

Article by Jim Bronskill for the CBC News

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Topics: Online Spying

Rabble: It's time for Canadians to demand the local and community media policy we deserve

Tomorrow is the deadline for Canadians to tell the CRTC how it should update its local and community TV policy. It will determine what will happen to $150 million that Canada's big cable and satellite companies collect that is supposed to support "community TV." Canadians should get the local media policy we deserve.

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Topics: Affordability

Who are the key Ministers responsible for our digital future over the next 4 years?

It’s three months to the day since Canada’s election officially started - and today, after a gruelling 11-week campaign and 2-week transition period, Canada finally has a new Prime Minister.

Justin Trudeau was officially sworn in as Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister earlier this morning. He also named his new Cabinet - 31 Ministers who’ll be responsible for guiding Canada’s ship of state over the coming years.

CBC News has the full list of Canada’s new Cabinet Ministers. Here at OpenMedia, we were watching closely to see who’ll be in charge of the key government departments responsible for our digital future.

Here’s a quick guide to some of those key Ministers, and the key digital rights issues they’re responsible for - we’ll be hearing these names a lot over the next four years.

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Star: Protect schools, homes from drones' prying eyes, privacy czar says

What does it look like to protect privacy in the age of drones? Here’s what Canada’s Privacy Commissioner has to say:

Article by Jim Bronskill for the Toronto Star

OTTAWA—The federal government should consider restricting the use of small camera-equipped drones near “sensitive and protected” areas such as residential neighbourhoods, schoolyards and prisons, says the federal privacy czar.

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TPP: Trudeau’s first big test as Prime Minister

This piece was originally published by Common Ground and

Do you squeeze oranges expecting apple juice? Of course not. So Canadians shouldn’t be surprised when an undemocratic process like the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations yields an undemocratic result.

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