Canada Land: How Canada's Spies Game the Media

Ever wonder what it must be like to be an investigative journalist covering an ultra-secretive government institution? The Globe's Colin Freeze talks about his frustrations covering spy agency CSEC.

Video by Canada Land

CSEC is shadier than the NSA. Nobody really knows what they are doing, including the Ministers who empower them and the judges who grant them warrants. They spy on Canadians and lie to the press and to the Courts. Globe and Mail reporter Colin Freeze talks about the frustrations of covering a secret institution. Read more »

Republic Report: Media companies are spending a fortune to influence the TPP while failing to cover it

Why are so many media outlets ignoring the Trans-Pacific Partnership - a deal that could make the Internet more expensive, censored, and policed? With so much being spent on lobbying, it's vital that citizens speak out at

Article by Lee Fang for Republic Report

Earlier this month, Media Matters for America published a short research note revealing that most major cable and broadcast news outlets have largely ignored the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Media Matters’ “transcript search of CBS Evening News with Scott Pelly, ABC’s World News with Diane Sawyer, and NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams from August 1, 2013 through January 31, 2014 found no mention of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.” Cable news outlets have not been much better. Fox News and CNN spent virtually no time on the issue. Read more »

CBC: Canadian upload speeds among worst in industrialized world

Canada is falling further and further behind our global counterparts when it comes to high-speed Internet. Tell decision-makers to drop the Big Telecom deadweight that's holding our country back:

Article by Peter Nowak for CBC News

In a busy week, Jeremy Phan might do 10 photo shoots for various business clients, each typically taking about five or six hours and resulting in two to five gigabytes worth of images. But that’s only half the job. Read more »

Did carelessness by Rogers result in a $100,000 theft of Bitcoins from this Canadian exchange?

Article from Huffington Post Canada.

An Ottawa-based bitcoin exchange has been defrauded of $100,000 using what the company described as a “ridiculous” method, and the company is laying the blame with telecom giant Rogers.

Canadian Bitcoins, a site where Bitcoin investors can buy or sell the digital currency, released a statement Tuesday. Read more »

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