The Current: UN report on cyberviolence highlights rampant online issue

Article by The Current

"In this report [by the United Nations Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development], we are arguing that complacency and failure to address cyberviolence could significantly impede the uptake of broadband services by girls and women worldwide.  the net is an amazing resource for female empowerment and we need to ensure that as many girls and women as possible benefit from the amazing possibilities it offers."- Doreen Bogdan-Martin, Chief-Strategic Planning at the ITU

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Positive response from Tom Mulcair to C-51 Open Letter from Margaret Atwood & over 300 Canadian artists

Good news folks! Our team have rarely been as excited as we were on Tuesday morning, when we announced a hard-hitting Open Letter from Margaret Atwood and over 300 Canadian artists speaking out about Bill C-51.

The letter was sent to all the Party Leaders, and this morning we've had our first response, from NDP leader Tom Mulcair. Read more »

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CBC: Tax workers continue to peek at forbidden files: internal reports

Who would've known? Your information is more at risk from the people who are actually in charge of protecting it.

Article by Dean Beeby for CBC 

Canada Revenue Agency workers continue to poke into the confidential tax files of friends and foes, despite assurances to Canada's privacy commissioner that the chronic problem of unauthorized access is being fixed. Read more »

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Geist: Make universal, affordable broadband an election issue.

Less than 3 weeks away from the election, and still no mention of universal, affordable broadband Internet access...Why are political parties silent on this issue?

Article by Michael Geist for the Toronto Star

The long election campaign of 2015 has featured a myriad of daily policy announcements as the three largest political parties vie for attention and votes. From targeted tax cuts to new spending promises, political leaders have focused on education, child care, defence, the environment and more.

Press Progress: 220 Canadian writers, musicians, actors and artists say C-51 threatens free expression

ICYMI: More than 220 Canadian writers, musicians, actors and artists warn C-51 threatens their freedoms. Check out the full letter at and spread the word! 

Article by Press Progress

220 of Canada's prominent creative voices including Margaret Atwood, Raffi and trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey (who also goes by the name of John Dunsworth) are warning Stephen Harper's Bill C-51 "directly attacks the creative arts and free expression in this country."

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