How do you think the parties are doing when it comes to our Digital Future?

It’s a big day for our small team here at OpenMedia! This morning we’re unveiled our detailed election platform, packed with great ideas on restoring privacy rights (including repealing C-51), access to affordable Internet and cell phone service, and safeguarding free expression.

Our whole team is excited: this morning marks the culmination of many years of work for us, across what we call our Three Pillars of Internet Freedom; Privacy, Affordable Access, and Free Expression.

All in all, an incredible over 250,000 Canadians have been involved in shaping this positive, pro-Internet platform. It brings together key recommendations from our major crowdsourcing projects of the last few years - Canada’s Privacy Plan, Time for an Upgrade, Casting an Open Net, and Our Digital Future - into a comprehensive agenda for the future of Canada’s Internet.

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EFF: How to protect yourself from 'supercookies' that track your data

For those of you concerned about phone carriers using 'supercookies' to track your data, here's a piece from EFF with advice on how to protect yourselves.

Article by Jacob Hoffman-Andrews for EFF

Verizon users might want to start looking for another provider. In an effort to better serve advertisers, Verizon Wireless has been silently modifying its users' web traffic on its network to inject a cookie-like tracker. 

WJS: Study Finds ‘Supercookies’ Used Outside U.S.

Bell Canada is one of the few carriers still using the evil 'supercookies' to track their customers. Thanks, Bell...

Article by Elizabeth Dwoskin for WSJ

Most major US wireless carriers are no longer using controversial identifiers that some researchers call “supercookies,” but their use appears to be extensive overseas.

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Topics: Online Spying

iPolitics: Top gun advocate turns on Tories, runs as Independent

Huge numbers of conservatives are speaking out against reckless Bill C-51. Despite Harper's Conservatives' efforts to keep the gun lobby in their camp, the sector warns about the dangerous power-grab this legislation gives the security sector, threatening Canadians’ privacy rights. Let's keep fighting until we Kill C-51 -->

Article by Claire Wahlen

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