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Here's Lindsey with your update:

Watch Lindsey's video update to hear about how the pro-Internet community has used the Internet to save the Internet recently. We've moved politics and sparked real change at the CRTC, watch and read on for what you've helped do (and just in the last week!). 

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Recent News

A Big Telecom inspired "Stupidest Thing Ever Said" Commemorative Plaque

Do you love paying through the nose for your cell phone bills? David Fuller, the Chief Marketing Officer for Telus, seems to think so. At the CRTC hearing last week he went on the record saying, “I think a lot of customers don’t want a cap on their monthly cell phone bill.” Read more »


Mobile data use goes up as Canadians pay some of the highest prices

Mobile data use continues to increase, yet our telecom market, which provides that data, is broken. Canadians experience some of the highest mobile phone prices and continue to lack options. We don't deserve this. Demand choice at

Article by Jon Brodkin for ArsTechnica:

Worldwide mobile data traffic doubled over the past year and is expected to continue growing at a similar rate due to expanding smartphone sales and video traffic, telecom equipment maker Ericsson said in research released today. Read more »


Lindsey Amplifies Canadian Voices at the CRTC Hearing

Check out some highlights from Lindsey’s presentation at the CRTC cell phone rules hearing last week as she amplifies your voices using your stories. Read more »


Lindsey wraps up the CRTC hearing on rules to protect cell phone users

It’s the end of a week of CRTC hearings, where a draft code of conduct to protect cell phone users was broken down, debated, and negotiated. Up for discussion were contract length, automatic renewals, notifications of overages, caps on fees, device unlocking, and much much more.

In case you missed it, I put out a bit of an update midway through the week, and I’ve also been live-tweeting the hearing from inside.

The CRTC, as you may know, had announced that they would develop the code back in October, after requests from big telecom companies (surprisingly enough), public interest groups, and, of course, citizens who had been speaking out about Canada’s broken cell phone market. We at started collecting your cell phone horror stories as soon as we could after that, to inform the Code and to ensure that the CRTC knows telecom price-gouging and limited choice have real human consequences. Your comments appeared in our submission to the proceeding, and were the basis of our oral comments on Tuesday this week. Read more »


OpenMedia's Steve Anderson - Crafting a connected future

In this volunteer-made video Steve Anderson, the Executive Director and founder of OpenMedia, explains why he stands with citizens to fight for an open Internet. Read more »


On the one-year anniversary of #TellVicEverything it’s time for pro-privacy commitment from the government

Today, February 16, 2013 marks the one-year anniversary of the #TellVicEverything Twitter campaign, which went viral and saw thousands of Canadians creatively and successfully voicing their opposition to the government's controversial online spying Bill C-30.

Almost one year later, on February 11, 2013, we saw a huge victory when the government bowed to pressure from nearly 150,000 Canadians and shelved Bill C-30!

We are both jubilant and vigilant about our victory against online spying Bill C-30. The long term hard work of the pro-Internet community got results, and we won’t let the government slip any new online spying plans past us. Read more »


Media Advisory: Historic Hearing on Cell Phone Service Closes with Big Telecom Digging in Heels; Available for Comment

Public interest group faced off against Big Three at week-long CRTC hearing


Lindsey Pinto, Communications Manager,


Canadians are hopeful that a CRTC hearing this week will lead to the development of a Code of Conduct that ensures better deals for cell phones.

Public interest and consumer groups, academics, independent providers, and individuals appeared before the CRTC from Monday to Friday, pushing for measures that could safeguard against price-gouging and lead to more innovation and choice. However Canada’s “Big Three” telecom companies—Bell, Rogers, and Telus—which control nearly 94% of the market, also appeared, but were unwilling to take many of the steps that would fix what CRTC Chair Jean-Pierre Blais called a market that “is not working”. Read more »


Reporting back from the CRTC’s hearing on a wireless code of conduct: Days 1 and 2

On Monday the CRTC, Canada’s telecom authority, kicked off a week-long hearing that could change the future of cell phone service in Canada. Their plan is to develop a national Code of Conduct to protect cell phone users—a demographic that includes nearly 80 percent of Canadian households.

Canadians have been speaking out about Canada's broken telecommunications market for a long time, increasingly as more realize that we're falling behind the rest of the world in price and service. Read more »