Woah! Take a look at these Internet speeds.

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Woah! In Japan, some very fast Internet speeds (at 2Gbps download, 1Gbps upload) were just introduced. These speeds are so much faster than in Canada that our Internet operates at a snail’s pace in comparison. The Internet has become an integral part of our everyday communications, and Canadians deserve a fast, affordable Internet that reflects this.

Article by Peter Suciu for redOrbit:

Traffic on the highways in Japan often moves along at a snail’s pace most of the day and is total gridlock at rush hour. However, the country does know a thing or two about moving along at high speeds. Japan’s Skinkansen – or bullet train – remains one of the fastest in the world and last year the island nation’s Central Japan Railway Co. (JR Tokai) unveiled a prototype of what promises to deliver even faster train service to Japan. Moving people is one thing, but the country also is looking to move data at ever-increasing speeds.

The Japanese information superhighway could soon help data travel at some of the fastest speeds possible.

This week a Sony-backed ISP in Japan launched a 2Gbps Internet service, which could be the world’s fastest for home use. As with the new ultra-fast railway the roll out of this new Internet service will be small and limited to select areas. Read more »

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