We deserve to know whether CSEC is truly respecting Canadians' right to privacy

An older article that's well worth a read: It's not enough to know whether the actions of ultra-secretive spy agency CSEC's activities are in compliance with controversial laws -
Canadians also deserve to know whether CSEC is truly respecting Canadians’ right to privacy.

Article by Tyler Dawson for The Ottawa Citizen:

As we come to grips with recent revelations of spying by various intelligence agencies — including Canada’s — the concepts of surveillance and privacy are major topics of discussion.

Interestingly, the possibility that foreign and domestic intelligence agencies have the ability to spy on electronic communications doesn’t seem to bother many Canadians all that much.

The Internet age means that a whole generation is accustomed to the idea that their digital lives are essentially in the public domain, that large swaths of life are no longer personal and it is commonly understood that anyone, at any time, can access these details.

That means the voluntary surrender of privacy in many circumstances. That’s quite fine. However, that one can sign away, or give away, private information and invite outside entities into the private domain in no way lessens the importance of privacy as a principle in a free society.

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