TechCrunch: New technology N00ter to bust ISPs that throttle

A net neutrality (Internet openness) tool has been developed, which lets you know when your ISP is slowing you down.

Bigger changes need to be made, though, before we can say we've beat unjust throttling. We've recently seen that the CRTC doesn't do much when an ISP violates openness rules. In order to effectively protect the Internet, the CRTC must be allowed to penalize telecoms that break openness rules, and should make sure the responsibility to report discriminatory throttling is no longer put solely on the user.

Article by Jordan Crook for TechCrunch:

It may be a while before Congress & Friends get this whole Net Neutrality debate squared away. But that’s no biggie, since Dan Kaminsky has cooked up his own little solution to figure out if your ISP is throttling service.

It’s called N00ter, short for neutral rooter, and Kaminsky showed it off for the first time at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, reports Forbes.

Here’s how it works: N00ter scopes out whether or not an ISP is artificially slowing down or boosting traffic to and from a specific site. Read more »