Spoof: Hadfield comes home to $1.37 million Rogers phone bill

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He may be home, Canada’s favourite astronaut is not free and clear. Chris Hadfield’s 5 month phone bill is a whopping $1.37 million! Better pay better attention to your contract, Chris. How could you miss the clearly defined section on outer-space data usage and roaming fees?

Just kidding. Chris wasn’t saddled with the bill; at least, not this time. Don’t forget to Demand Choice for our cell phone market at http://demandchoice.ca/

Article by Alexander Huntley for the Beaverton:

KAZAKHSTAN – After five months in space, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield was shocked to discover his cell phone provider has charged him well over a million dollars for data usage and roaming charges while he was in space.

“This is ridiculous,” said the 53 year-old who recently commanded the International Space Station and a proud owner of an iPhone 5. “I only Instagrammed a few hundred pictures of the sun coming up over the Sahara Desert and a thunderstorm over the Pacific Ocean, posted my videos of me eating in space a few dozen times on Twitter and watched a few YouTube videos of goats that sound like humans and that’s it!”

When asked why he didn’t buy a better data plan, Hadfield responded “I didn’t want to pay for an additional $20 a month rip-off when I’m orbiting the earth in 90 minutes.”

“My parents are going to kill me!” he added.

Read the article at thebeaverton.com

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