Privacy Commissioner Stoddart renews criticism of warrantless online spying bill C-30">
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Canada's federal Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart took an opportunity to remind the government where she stands on warrantless online spying (Bill C-30). If you haven't already, join thousands of Canadians in doing the same at

Article by Murray Brewster for the Canadian Press:

An RCMP and House of Commons security proposal to more than double the number of video cameras on Parliament Hill, without warning the public it’s being watched, alarms the privacy commissioner, who says it’s an ironic symbol of how pervasive government surveillance is becoming.

The plan, part of a massive security overhaul, combined with the Harper government’s hotly debated Internet surveillance legislation contributes to a growing sense of unease among Canadians, Jennifer Stoddart said Thursday.

The privacy commissioner’s office saw a spike in complaints and an increase in data breaches at federal departments and institutions last year, according to Ms. Stoddart’s annual report. Read more »


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