gear is here!

Hey pro-Internet community!

Last month, you provided key feedback when we asked for input on t-shirts and other gear. Because of your help, the Store—complete with t-shirts, buttons, and laptop stickers for the pro-Internet community—is up and running. And we want you to take the first peek!

Grab something in the next few days using the code “OpenMediaTee” and get 10% off!

We at know that engaging a grassroots pro-Internet community is integral to the pro-Internet movement’s mission, and that providing new ways to develop our community is an effective way to amplify our voices. What’s more, participation and collaboration from people like you is what makes this community what it is. In the last month, we’ve taken your suggestions on the catalogue and made your gear better. Thanks for the input.

All proceeds from the gear will go towards's campaigns so grabbing yours is great way of supporting our work. Old conglomerate and government bureaucracies want to clamp down on the Internet, but together, we can push back. When you’re walking down the street and spot someone wearing community gear, be sure to give them a high-five! That’s what this all about, multiplying our voices by coming together as a community.

For the Internet,

Shea, on behalf of the (now very well-dressed) Team

P.S. Be sure to buy your gear—using the code “OpenMediaTee”—before the weekend’s out in order to get your 10% discount! Need help with the store or need to get in touch? Contact us at

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