Open Data Rescues Net Neutrality

This is monumental. Canada has stepped forward as a leader in open journalism.

Patrick Cain, a data journalist, has for some time produced data visualizations of his home city of Toronto. Using Google Maps (which helps propel his argument even further), Cain has developed many maps that visualize the data that is openly accessible to Canadians. Yes, I am talking about data freedom.

By using the data that is open to Canadians, data journalists like Patrick Cain have created a community that has become nation-wide. Cities like Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton, and Winnipeg have joined into this niche of open data enthusiasts.

Now, with this being said, isn’t it always important to know that there are at least some guidelines in place to maintain the integrity of open data journalism? You’re going to love this.

The Canadian government has begun consulting on open data policy. According to Guardian editor Simon Rogers, “Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Edmonton have started getting together to set a series of open data standards.” Developer Jury Konga adds that “Canada is a hive of activity in Open Government and Open Data and I can only see it increasing.”

Opening data, and the neutral Internet that it requires, are essential for our media freedom. Of course, much is still left to achieve. But this spark has great potential to ignite. Let’s watch the net form a beautiful star of pure and unbiased information. Get your sunglasses ready.


Read more at The Guardian.

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