Ontario Privacy Commissioner to speak at Online Spying Forum

Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Ontario’s Privacy Commissioner

The government’s Lawful Access bills are poised to drastically change the state of privacy and telecommunications in Canada as we know it… and not for better. If this invasive and costly legislation passes, it will make online spying the norm in Canada and seriously threaten the privacy and security of all Canadians.

Building awareness and continuing the discussion around the Lawful Access bills is integral to introducing balance into the policy formation process. On January 27th in Toronto, Dr. Ann Cavoukian , Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, will be hosting Beware of “Surveillance by Design:” Standing Up for Freedom and Privacy, a symposium on the implications of Lawful Access. Dr. Cavoukian will be discussing the dangers of the online spying bills alongside a panel of legal, privacy, and academic experts.

Along with fellow privacy commissioners across the country, Dr. Ann Cavoukian has been very vocal about the pitfalls and dangers of the online spying bills. If you’re in the Toronto area, be sure to attend! This is an amazing opportunity to catch some of the leading voices on Lawful Access in Canada.

Not in and around Toronto but still want to catch an event on Lawful Access?

If you’re in Vancouver, we will be hosting a screening and panel discussion of (Un)Lawful Access, a mini-documentary on the Online Spying bills on January 12th at the W2 Media Café. We have some great panelists lined up, including BC Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham. If you’re in the area, please be sure to drop by and join us. It’s going to be a great chance to network and learn more about online spying.

A similar event will take place in Ottawa on February 8thscreening and panel discussion of (Un)Lawful Access. Stay tuned for information on panelists.

Not in Toronto, Vancouver, or Ottawa? You can host your own very own screening of (Un)Lawful Access. It’s easy and we’re here to help, just visit openmedia.ca/screening for a step-by-step guide!

Watch and share (Un)Lawful Access, an awesome mini-documentary on the Online Spying bills, and don’t forget to sign and spread the word about our Stop Online Spying petition.

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