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Recent News

Huffington Post: CSIS Suspends Two Over Security Lapses

Last month we brought you news on how it had been revealed that CSIS wanted to help 'advise' Vic Toews on rewriting Canada's Online Spying Bill C-30, all in the hopes that with their input the legislation would be passed through government.

Although they want to bypass our Internet security and privacy as citizens, this past week their own internal security protocols have been called into question. In newly released documents it was shown that two employees were suspended following breaches late last year.

Let's not allow CSIS to mishandle our own Internet security. Sign our petition to Stop Online Spying at and tell your MP to stand against Bill C-30 at

Article by Jim Bronskill of The Canadian Press

Two security breaches at Canada's spy agency prompted employee suspensions last year, newly released documents show.

In the most serious case, a Canadian Security Intelligence Service employee was suspended for five days without pay following an incident involving information that "must be kept in the strictest of confidence and in full compliance with the need to know principle."

The CSIS employee was found to be in violation of several aspects of the spy agency's conduct policy, including provisions on security, performance of duties, integrity and compliance with direction. Read more »


The Globe & Mail: Rogers and Bell to purchase majority stake in Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment

Two of Canada's biggest media conglomerates, Bell and Rogers, are partnering up. Their goal? To take control of the iconic Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment group. The CRTC approved the deal yesterday, which includes three TV channels, several sports teams, and even some real estate holdings.

With the CRTC giving Big Telecom their blessing for the purchase by saying that 'consumer safeguards' are in place, attention now turns to the impending Bell takeover of Astral to be reviewed next month. Let the CRTC know that Big Telecom's power grab needs to be stopped. Share our Action Plan for a Connected Canada at and stay tuned for future updates.

Article by Rita Trichur for The Globe & Mail

Canada’s broadcast regulator has given its blessing to a $1.3-billion agreement by BCE Inc. and Rogers Communications Inc. to purchase a majority stake in Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd.

While that paves the way for the two rivals to take control of the iconic sports company, the real test of consumer safeguards will come next month, when the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission scrutinizes BCE’s $3.38-billion proposed takeover of Astral Media Inc. Read more »


How we use the Internet to save the Internet

Our Executive Director, Steve, popped online during his vacation to suggest we put together a blog entry about how’s online petitions have been effective. He noted that a lot of the newer members of the pro-Internet community might not know about the amazing progress we made with our groundbreaking campaign or the influence we had with the campaign. It’s easy to underestimate just how effective online petitions can be, when backed up by an incredible, motivated community.

The pro-Internet movement has made change that is nothing short of incredible—levelling the playing field between citizens, lobbyists, politicians, and policymakers—in the fight for the possibilities of the open Internet. I’ll show you how. And I’ll do it with a whiteboard and my cell phone’s camera (with some slight computerized touch-ups)...Read more »

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