Nowak: 3-year contracts mean less choice for Canadians

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If you're trapped in a restrictive contract, your cell phone provider knows it can mistreat you. But thanks to your efforts, the CRTC is developing a code of conduct for cell phone companies that could help you have more choice.

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Article by Peter Nowak:

If there’s one thing that unites Canadians, it’s their disdain for cellphone companies. Whether it’s unexpected charges, terrible customer service or that unauthorized contract renewal (surprise!), everybody’s got their own horror story to tell.

Things did get marginally better in 2012, with new competitors further forcing the hands of incumbents to lower or eliminate fees and behaviours not found in other parts of the world, but big problems still remain. To that end, a number of provinces either enacted or were in the process of working out rules that would rein in the worst abuses, including high early-termination charges and one-sided contract terms.

Into this breach stepped the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, which in October launched a public process that will ultimately result in a new code of conduct to govern wireless companies. The regulator opened the floor to Canadians and got an earful as a result, with hearings continuing on in the new year.

The industry has put on a brave face and suggests it supports the CRTC’s effort – it is, after all, preferable to 10 or 13 different sets of rules across the land – but at the same time, it’s also pushing a set of disingenuous talking points through its various levels of lobbyists. Read more »

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