Mobile data use goes up as Canadians pay some of the highest prices

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Mobile data use continues to increase, yet our telecom market, which provides that data, is broken. Canadians experience some of the highest mobile phone prices and continue to lack options. We don't deserve this. Demand choice at

Article by Jon Brodkin for ArsTechnica:

Worldwide mobile data traffic doubled over the past year and is expected to continue growing at a similar rate due to expanding smartphone sales and video traffic, telecom equipment maker Ericsson said in research released today.

By the end of 2012, global data traffic on mobile networks (not including Wi-Fi) hit nearly 1,300 petabytes per month, twice as much as in the previous year, Ericsson said.

The chart shows an approximate doubling each year for the past few years. We've asked Ericsson for the raw data behind the report and will provide that if we get it. Ericsson's measurements come from "a large base of commercial networks that together cover all regions of the world," the report states. "They form a representative base for calculating world total traffic in mobile networks." Read more ยป

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Demand choice in the cell phone market: