Media Roundup of Bill C-11 (Internet Lockdown) Coverage

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As of late, Canadians have been extremely captivated by the online surveillance bill currently being discussed in Parliament. We are, of course, very excited about the level of engagement Canadians have demonstrated.

However, we would like to quickly take a moment to shine the spotlight on recent action taken by Canadians against controversial copyright Bill C-11. As part of digital watchdog group Access's international day of action against ACTA (11/02/12), citizens across the nation spoke their dissatisfaction with the bill.

Protests against an Internet lockdown in Canada were organized in four major cities in Canada, and despite our winter cold, people still made it out with signs, songs, and a clear message: No Internet Lockdown in Canada!

Here are links to media coverage of the protests:

Though the protests weren't as well attended as one could have hoped, the online movement against Bill C-11 has steadily been gaining momentum. Since we launched our No Internet Lockdown campaign in January, 51,000+ Canadians have signed the petition, garnering lots of media attention. Here are some of our favorites:

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