Local Action Against Online Spying

OpenMedia.ca Street Team Leaders

The recently formed OpenMedia.ca Street Teams have been hosting local screenings of our (un)Lawful Access mini-documentary in support of the Stop Online Spying campaign. So far, petition drives and screenings have been held in the cities of North Vancouver, Burnaby, and Vancouver where OpenMedia.ca supporters, volunteers, and policy experts like Micheal Vonn of the BCCLA engaged and connected to discuss the future of online privacy in Canada, and the threat of online spying bill C-30.

Planned, organized, and ran by our skilled and passionate Team Leaders and Members, these events are examples of OpenMedia.ca’s continued efforts to engage with our supporters on a face-to-face, grassroots level.

A new group of supporters has also started meeting in Calgary as well. If you are interested in joining a local street team, or starting your own, check out http://openmedia.ca/work#streetleader!

We stepped up our efforts in local ridings because we know that raising our voices locally can be really powerful. MPs really do feel the heat at a local level—they need our votes. This is why we’re encouraging everyone to get their friends and families to contact local MPs at http://openmedia.ca/stand. All of this is only possible because the pro-Internet community crowdfunded our public education work when we asked for help earlier this year. Thank you!

If you’re interested in hosting a local (un)Lawful Access screening, check out http://openmedia.ca/screening for resources and tips!

If you’re interested in educating your community about Bill C-30 and adding to the collective voice in opposition to online spying, check out http://openmedia.ca/soschallenge!

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